17 photos that show what happens to forgotten things (18 photos)

24 December 2023

Everything changes over time: trees can grow out of houses, a bag of potatoes can become like a mystical creature, and papers can turn from green to red, all because we forgot about them. And nature has even more secrets up its sleeve, and in this post you will see some interesting images.

1. I left the roll on my desk for seven days. Bean sprouts sprout

2. My son's watercolor was left in the sun and it shrunk into round balls.

3. A tree growing on the roof of an abandoned house

4. A Jar of Sun-bleached Pickles Found in the Desert

5. A shopping cart left on the docks

6. The salt water container stayed on the shelf for a month.

7. I forgot 2 green peppers in the refrigerator. One of them turned red and the other remained green

8. This boiled egg, which I forgot in the refrigerator, has dried out.

9The Red Velvet Cake That Was Forgotten For An Unknown Amount Of Time

10. This kiwi was left in the old office

11. Abandoned Highway

12. The cup of coffee sat in the refrigerator for a long time.

13. Abandoned house

14. This is not cotton candy. My wife forgot about the bread in the breadbox for three weeks

15. I left this bag of potatoes in the basement about four months ago and forgot about it.

16. The beekeeper forgot to put a frame in the hive, and this is what the bees did a week later

17. I found crystals in ten-year-old canned dog food.

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