A look from around the corner (25 photos)

Category: Animals, PEGI 0+
19 February 2024

Before implementing any large-scale plan that requires long and scrupulous preparation (yelling, stealing a tasty treat, throwing a punch, or attacking the owner’s leg), you need to correctly navigate the area and correctly assess the situation.

It is best to do this carefully, from around the corner, so that no one sees and takes preventive measures and spoils all the raspberries. And only after assessing the prospects, take further actions.

1. What are you doing here, huh?

2. Stranger Danger

3. Three in one

4. Red-haired suspicion

5. Yes, I do...

6. Suspicion and sadness

7. Little suspect

8. Interest in retro colors

9. Amazed

10. Peek-a-boo!

11. Did you eat cutlets without me again?

12. Mister X

13. The master deigns to be angry

14. Mesmerizing look

15. Pet me

16. High Roof Spy

17. Aimed shooting with eyes

18. This was the last sausage...

19. The sausage, it turns out, is not over...

20. Of course, you stroked me, but without due respect

21. Azure depth

22. Are you from our area?

23. Home Watcher

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