1014-horsepower supercar “Beast” built on the basis of the Corvette Stingray (15 photos)

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19 February 2024

The American studio Rezvani, known for its atypical approach to car modification, presented the second generation of the Beast supercar. Now it is a 1014-horsepower carbon supercar, which will be released in a limited edition of 20 copies with a starting price of $485,000. One of the unusual features of the new product will be the optional “007 kit”, which includes a night vision system, protection against electromagnetic pulses, gas masks and much more.

The new Beast is not just the next generation of an already well-known sports car, but a fundamentally different car. If the early Beast and Beast X were built on a modified chassis of the track Ariel Atom 3, and the more comfortable Beast Alpha used an aluminum Lotus monocoque, then in this case the current Chevrolet Corvette was taken as the basis. The California-based firm of Ferris Rezvani developed a new carbon fiber body for the model with a removable roof and butterfly wing doors, which received their own name “Dragon Wings”.

The interior has also been rethought, with much more resemblance inside to the original Corvette. The Rezvani Beast features a new helm-like steering wheel whose design is said to be inspired by Formula 1. There is no longer a partition with buttons between the driver and passenger seats, and the finishing materials have changed.

Behind the seats is a twin-turbo 6.2-liter V8 producing 1,014 hp. and 1190 Nm, apparently, one of the versions of the same engine that is used on Rezvani SUVs. It is combined with an eight-speed “robot”, all power is transmitted to the rear wheels. The supercar reaches 97 km/h in 2.5 seconds and covers the quarter-mile drag distance in 9.6 seconds.

The $45,000 spy options package also includes a smoke screen system, stun guns built into door handles, magnetic locks, pepper spray, and a hypothermia first aid kit. For another 55 thousand dollars, the supercar will be equipped with armor and bulletproof glass. The start date for production of the Rezvani Beast has not yet been disclosed, but the configurator on the website is already working: you can choose the color of the body, wheels, exhaust pipes, and interior.

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