18 designs that deserve awards for their genius (19 photos)

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19 February 2024

In the skillful hands of a designer, simple things turn into special ones: headphones no longer get tangled, and an ordinary cord becomes a work of art. In this post you will see the most ordinary objects that have turned into ingenious ones.

1. The makers of these sofas know how difficult it is to vacuum under them.

2. It’s hard not to notice such a transition.

3. It's all about reflection

4. For those who suffer from nerves every time they have to untangle their headphones

5. An ashtray with an important reminder on it.

6. An opener worthy of being present at the holiday table

7. A skateboard for snowboarders that allows them to train in the summer

8. This bed has a motion sensor light so you won't step on anything in the dark.

9. It is not only compact, but also economical

10. Antiseptic dispenser on the handle of the toilet room

11. A train mirror that lets you check your luggage

12. Chair with two backs

13. Gloves in which an ambulance paramedic can indicate all the data for doctors

14. A cable that turns into a work of art

15. Pencils and pens will no longer fall on the floor.

16. When a chef hides a real samurai in his soul

17. Creative thinking

18. Incredibly convenient sink

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