40 photo comparisons that make you look at the world in a new way (41 photos)

12 February 2024

Comparing yourself to others is never good. But looking at these collages is another matter. There are impressive examples of transformation, growing up and other interesting things.

1. Photograph and pencil drawing

2. Nothing adds confidence like a beautiful smile.

3. I fed this cat and only now found out that there are two of them

4. The first day of school was an ordeal.

5. It immediately felt cozy

6. Lost 60 kg

7. “How my girlfriend falls asleep with a dog, and how I do”

8. A year later

9. Spine before and after surgery

10. The difference between brother and sister from the same litter

11. Before and after water procedures

12. Before and after chemotherapy

13. “My husband has brown eyes, I have blue ones. These are the eyes of our four children.”

14. Huge cat

15. Before and after the phrase “Goodbye”

16. Braces work wonders

17. Different reflections

18. Comparison of polar bear and baribal

19. February and August 2023 in Åndalsnes, Norway

20. Grown-up kitten

21. Each bottle is the same whiskey, aged one year longer in a barrel

22. Third wheel

23. “Mom found a lemon on a tree that was shaped like a carrot.”

24. Such different pictures of one person on four ID cards

25. Sister and brother tan

26. Take a photo with your phone and camera

27. Red hair has faded. 11 years difference

28. The cat is 2.5 years old, but she remains small

29. After the first and second corneal transplant

30. Giant Leaf

31. Jacob's Well in 2014 and now

32. Keyboard, hands for comparison

33. Photo from my brother's vacation against mine

34. Same volume

35. The difference between the pictures is only 3 hours, the cause of the smog is fires in Canada

36. Giant cocktail

37. Gear from a World War II battleship

38. Ears before and after surgery

39. Elephant garlic and regular

40. In this store, toys are more expensive than chickens.

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