TOP 12 tallest people in history (12 photos)

12 February 2024

The average height of men is 175.4 centimeters. We can safely say that this is an absolute “middle peasant”. Not high and not low. Therefore, we consider tall people to be guys with a height of 180 - 185. And those who are taller are completely giants. But even people with a height of two meters will be simply midgets in comparison with these giants. Let's take a look at the tallest people in history.

Ella Williams

Height: 228 centimeters

Ella Williams, known in 19th and 20th century show business as Madame Aboma, was one of the tallest girls of the time. For many years she took part in various entertainment shows and the circus.

Jinnat Ali

Country: Bangladesh

Height: 249 centimeters

Jinnat Ali was the tallest man from Bangladesh.

Sultan Kösen

Country: Türkiye

Height: 251 centimeters

Vainö Myllyrinne

Country: Finland

Height: 252 centimeters

The Finnish giant weighed more than 170 kilograms. Even after he turned 40, he still continued to grow.

Treintje Keever

Country: Netherlands

Height: 255 centimeters

Treintje was only 17 years old at the time of his death. It is quite possible that it could become even higher. However, the life of the young girl was cut short by an insidious disease, which in those days (1616-1633) they did not yet know how to treat.

Julius Koch

Country: Germany

Height: 256 centimeters

It is reported that at the age of 14 his height was already 194 centimeters. Koch's femurs were the longest ever measured at 76 centimeters, and his hands were 37.6 centimeters long.

Leonid Stadnik

Country Ukraine

Height: 257 centimeters

Franz Winkelmeier

Country: Austria

Height: 259 centimeters

Franz Winkelmeier was born an ordinary child, but after suffering an infectious disease at the age of 14, he began to grow rapidly, reaching an incredibly tall height.

John F. Carroll

Country: USA

Height: 264 centimeters

John William "Bud" Rogan

Country: USA

Height: 267 centimeters

Rogan began to grow very quickly at the age of 13, which led to the appearance of ankolosis (stiffness of the joints). As a result, he had to move on crutches, and then on a special cart, which he designed for himself. Curiously, the giant continued to grow until his death.

Robert Wadlow

Country: USA

Height: 272 centimeters

Robert was born an ordinary boy. However, already at the age of 4 years he began to grow very quickly. At the age of 8, the guy was already significantly taller than his father, and his body weight reached 90 kilograms. Robert's peculiarity was due to a rare disease. A tumor developed in the boy’s pituitary gland, which caused abnormal growth. Robert was also diagnosed with acromegaly, a pathology in which a person’s skull bones expand.

Fedor Makhnov

Country: Belarus

Height: 285 centimeters

Fyodor Makhnov is considered the tallest man ever known in history. However, his exact height and weight are not confirmed. Some historical sources are confident in the veracity of these characteristics. Others claim that the giant’s height did not exceed 240 centimeters. Perhaps the exaggeration was explained by the fact that he wore a huge Cossack fur hat and high boots, which added to his height.

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