Rare and exciting natural phenomena (13 photos)

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12 February 2024

Nature is the most important inventor on the planet. Her creations are amazing. Sometimes they are calming and mesmerizing. And sometimes they cause fear and destruction! In general, you already know this very well. We propose to look at amazing and rare natural phenomena that not everyone is lucky enough to see with their own eyes.

Volcanic lightning (dirty thunderstorm)

Scientists believe that the generation of electricity during a volcanic eruption occurs as a result of negatively charged ash particles and positively charged volcanic gas. It looks scary and beautiful.

Snow penitents (calgaspores)

These are peculiar formations on firn fields up to 6 meters high, which from a distance resemble kneeling monks. Scientists have not fully explored the mechanism of the formation and growth of such a glacier.

Waterfall of Eternal Flame

This unique phenomenon, connecting two elements, can be seen in Chestnut Ridge Park in New York. The flames are not the work of man; they were created by the accumulation of natural gas, albeit under unusual conditions. It is being carried out by Bloomington scientists and the National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology of Italy.


A halo is an optical phenomenon that forms an additional circle around a light source. It is at its most impressive in frosty weather.

Rainbow eucalyptus

These trees could be called chameleons, since their color never remains the same.

Pele's hair

This wonderful name was given to volcanic fiberglass fibers, which are formed as a result of stretching lava, which quickly cools in air.

Salar de Uyuni

The largest salt flat in the world is located in the Central Andes and is a dry lake. During the rainy season, it turns into a mirror surface in which the boundary between earth and sky is lost. By the way, the filming of the film “Star Wars: The Last Jedi” (2017) took place on the territory of this salt marsh.

Ice caves

Caves consisting of multi-year ice, in which the temperature never rises above zero. When you enter them you feel like you are on another planet.

Sparkling waves

The glow of the sea or ocean occurs due to microorganisms capable of bioluminescence. They begin to glow from “irritants”: sudden movements of water (that’s why waves and surf burn), the movement of ships, human movements.

Fire tornado

It usually appears as a thin and tall vortex. Formed in areas of large fires due to wind currents.

Rainbow Mountains

The Rainbow Mountains, located in Peru, are composed of seven colors that are derived from natural minerals. Each of them can tell about the age and history of our planet.


Kjoragbolten is a unique boulder on Mount Kjorag in Norway, which was stuck between the rocks many thousands of years ago. The abyss under it is almost a thousand meters, which does not prevent extreme tourists from taking photographs on it.

Great Blue Hole

Underwater caves were formed during the Ice Age as a result of the erosion of cracks in limestone rocks when the water level was lower.

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