russian invasion of Ukraine. Chronicle for February 4-9

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10 February 2024

In the early morning of February 24, 2022, Russia launched missile attacks on Ukrainian territory and launched a direct, full-scale invasion. The Ukrainian Armed Forces repel the enemy

Russia assembled 500 tanks, more than 600 combat vehicles, hundreds of howitzers and 40 thousand soldiers for the attack on Kupyansk, Forbes claims.

Part of the Kharkov region could become a gift to Putin on election day from the Russian army in Ukraine, Forbes said.

- The Netherlands will supply Ukraine with 6 more F-16 fighters, bringing the total number they have promised to 24.

- The Ukrainian Armed Forces advanced near Bakhmut, - ISW

▪️Our defenders operate in a wooded area east of Kleschievka. Previously they wrote that this area is under Russian control.

▪️Meanwhile, in the Kherson region, the Russian Federation is having great difficulty attacking the positions of the Ukrainian Armed Forces in Krynki, because ours completely control the airspace with the help of UAVs.

- Which regions of Ukraine are most located in Poland - Gremi Personal

- In eastern Poland, a navigation warning is being introduced for pilots in connection with possible “unplanned military actions to ensure national security.”

The territory where the warning is in force (from February 5 to May 5) borders Russia and Belarus.

- About the successes of the Armed Forces of Ukraine at the front

The Ukrainian Armed Forces launched an offensive near the city of Avdiivka, ISW reported. According to analysts, the advance of Ukrainian forces occurred to the southwest of the city.

- By October, the United States plans to increase production of key ammunition used by Ukraine - Defense One

Currently, about 30 thousand 155-mm artillery shells are produced daily, compared to 14 thousand before the Russian invasion. According to the publication, Ukraine fires about 2 thousand shells a day, while Russia fires 10 thousand.

- The Russians hit Kyiv with a new hypersonic missile 3M22 “Zircon”

The explosive mass is almost half a ton, it is resistant to air defense systems and is very maneuverable at a speed of 10,000 km/h.

- Russia can attack a NATO country within 3-5 years, - Danish Defense Minister Poulsen.

According to his statement, Russia is rearming faster than expected, which is a real concern.

It cannot be ruled out that within three to five years Russia will test the strength of Article 5 and NATO solidarity. NATO had no such assumption in 2023. This is new data that has become known now

- Poland responded to Putin’s accusation at the beginning of World War II with scandalous statements

“This is not the first time that the Russian dictator blames Poland, which was invaded by the USSR on September 17, 1939, for the outbreak of the Second World War,” wrote Foreign Minister Radoslaw Sikorski.

He also added that his country has long failed to take seriously “Putin’s paranoid justifications” with which he is trying to justify a full-scale invasion of Ukraine.

- The result of the work of a Ukrainian drone of the "Baba Yaga" type.

Place: repair depot in Spartak (south of Avdeevka), Donetsk region. Coordinates: 48.08591, 37.78489

- Something like this

- Grief has come to the Russian family

- The result of an attack by Ukrainian FPV drones.

Quote: “Doctors are now left practically without cars, since two cars were destroyed by drones in two days, one of which was usedjust returned from renovation😭"

- Russian military after watching the movie “Fast and Furious”

- Defense forces “grounded” Shahed-238 jet: Iran has established access to a number of Western-made components, - Defense Express ( rozbirka_reaktivnogo_shahed_238_dvigun_z_chehiji_navigatsija_z_kanadi_foto-291.html)

▪️The TJ150 type turbojet engine of the Czech company provides the Shahed-238 with a speed of about 520 km/h during the active flight phase;

▪️To receive satellite navigation signals, a block of four TW1721 antennas from the Canadian company Tallysman is used;

▪️Processing of navigation signals is implemented on chips manufactured by NXP USA Inc and Intel, USA;

▪️The inertial navigation unit is built on Western electronics using microcontroller chips made in Switzerland;

▪️The Shahed-238 flight control and control module is built on a microprocessor from Texas Instruments, USA.

Foreign components are available on the civilian market. At the same time, the entry of jet engines from the Czech Republic into Iran is interesting for research, the publication notes.

- A statement was written against Putin to the Investigative Committee with a demand to prosecute him under the article “Rehabilitation of Nazism”

The reason was Putin’s statement in an interview with Tucker Carlson, in which he actually justified Hitler for the attack on Poland.

- Kherson region.

The Russian military is trying to hide their equipment by burying it in the ground, but this is useless, since the Ukrainian Baba Yaga-type drone destroys it anyway.

- And now about the topic of the week, we picked up memes and pictures from the Internet, Tucker Carlson and the dictator of the Russian Federation

Briefly about the flow of Pukin nonsense Takeru

The snowmobile is out of control

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away...

Well, with such a tutor you can definitely pass the Unified State Exam in History with 100 points...

Apparently, even Carlson was not ready for such a shame

He sat through most of the interview with this face. I probably thought that the bunker would feed nonsense about the Nazis only to the internal public, and would give out something populist like Trump to the external public.

But the dictator of the Russian Federation surprised here too - a pathetic dwarf, talking as if in delirium about things that only he himself understands. No changes in rhetoric in 2 years. I even remembered about the already forgotten and amusing “denazification”. After the interview, I probably jumped out of my chair and straight into my suitcase out of excitement.

And for Carlson, the best memory of this trip was a dry cheeseburger without cheese from the “taste point”.

Headlines in a Norwegian newspaper

But there is a nuance

Interview with one picture

- The US Senate, following a procedural vote, supported the bill on foreign assistance to Ukraine and Israel without money for border security

- It’s nice to see such shots

- A SVO participant was robbed of 400 thousand rubles while he was lying in the hospital corridor after amputation

On January 3, Amon S. was taken to the Burdenko hospital after being seriously wounded in the Northern Military District zone. The man had his limbs amputated and after the operation he was put in a bed in the corridor. Worried, in the evening Amon checked his finances - he had 50 thousand rubles in cash and a bank card. Before going to bed, the man hid his savings in a phone box: in addition to money and a card, there was an envelope with a PIN code. Amon put the box in his bag and put it under the bed. After drinking a portion of sleeping pills, the man fell asleep.

The next morning, Amon received an unpleasant text message about withdrawing 350 thousand rubles from the card.

In a hurry, the patient opened the bag, but the box with the most precious things was no longer there.

So Amon lost 400 thousand rubles (the thief was not interested in the phone).

That is, the loss of limbs did not bother him, or don’t have 4 limbs, but have 400 thousand rubles

- This is what a dangerous criminal looks like, according to the Russian state

- What is happening in Russia now

They began to indoctrinate children in kindergartens. It seems that even the Nazis of the Third Reich did not reach such a bottom.

- What happened?

- M. Severodonetsk. The Russians have arrived

- Hackers from Prana Network hacked the servers of the Shaheed manufacturers - Sahara Thunder. From the leaked documents it follows that: in 2022, a contract for $1.75 billion was signed. This is 6 thousand units of Shaheds + additional equipment and software (payment in gold, 2 tons in bullion)

- We flew to explore vats of boiling resin instead of space

- When humor is difficult for the occupier’s friends

A little from the correspondence from the phone of an already good occupier.

- In the second year of the war, technical sites began to suspect something

- Dehumanized innocent boys in a peaceful bakery turned out to be koloboks, who could have expected this?

- 2024 - Year of the Family in Russia

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