Back to the past: interiors of an abandoned house from the 1960s (16 photos)

8 February 2024

There's a house in North Carolina filled with toys from the 1960s and 70s. Its owner died in 2002. The toys belonged to the woman’s daughters, and later went to her granddaughters. Shall we take a look inside?

View from the street

American photographer and traveler Brian Sansivero has been exploring abandoned buildings for more than 10 years.

“I have always been attracted to history. I am a very curious person and the unknown intrigues me. This makes me explore places that others have not yet seen,” says the author of the photographs.

Barbie's house

A whole warehouse of toys

The original boxes still contain toys from the Barbie collection, such as the house and boat. There are so many toys that grandmother did not have time to give to her granddaughters.

The damage is especially noticeable on the first floor

"The atmosphere in the house was quite gloomy. Because of the portraits, it seemed that the family was watching me. Also, there was a feeling of sadness because there was once a lot of love in this house. Seeing the old toys, I remembered my childhood."

The wardrobe broke the wall

Family photos

First floor

Another gaming

"I know Barbies are collectible. There were old Troll figures, doll houses, toy musical instruments and much more."

Car junkyard

"As the house falls down, I think these toys will be lost or destroyed. That's why I like to take pictures of things left behind, to preserve them that way," Brian explained.

Grandma's bedroom

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