A cheerful raccoon has settled in the reserve (19 photos)

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30 January 2024

Today we want to tell you the story of Elio, a brave raccoon. Despite his health limitations, he leads a happy life in the reserve.

The animal was born in one of the houses in Florida. The homeowner captured the female raccoon and relocated her. Four days later, the man heard some commotion in the attic, unaware that there were cubs left there. Unfortunately, three of them died of starvation, only Elio survived.

The homeowner donated the raccoon to Samadhi Wildlife Sanctuary, a non-profit organization that rescues and rehabilitates wild animals.

Elio leads a happy life at the Samadhi Wildlife Sanctuary

When the cub arrived at the center, he was barely alive, his ears and eyes were closed. The vet said: “It was smaller than a smartphone.” But after four days of treatment, he began to change and return to life.

He was born in the attic of a Florida house.

Elio was the only survivor of the four cubs

Favorable conditions were created for the animal. It was important that he began to explore the world around him, become familiar with all the sounds and smells and prepare for life in the wild.

The raccoon ended up at the Samadhi Wildlife Sanctuary, a non-profit organization that rescues and rehabilitates Florida wildlife.

During this process, Elio appeared and disappeared, and at one point disappeared for several weeks. It turned out that he was injured and could not walk normally. This meant he could no longer be released into the wild and he became a permanent resident of the Samadhi Wildlife Sanctuary.

The raccoon has its own bedroom, where it feels completely safe and spends most of its time.

When Elio can’t get somewhere, he comes to his teachers, whom he trusts infinitely, and they help

The Samadhi Wildlife Sanctuary team loves the raccoon and provides it with protection and support.

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