The dark side: 20 unpleasant facts from the lives of celebrities (21 photos)

16 January 2024

Most often, they try to show famous people in the best light, avoiding unnecessary unpleasant information. But many stars have skeletons in their closets that they don't talk about too much. Let's take a look at the "dark" facts from the biographies of some famous personalities from the past and present.

1. The brilliant artist Pablo Picasso was an “abuser” in a relationship. It is known that he drove his lovers to depression and even suicide. And also divided all women “into goddesses and litter”

2. Writer Helen Keller was very politically active. She was a staunch socialist and advocated for many radical movements of her time, including eugenics

Eugenics is the study of human selection. Most often, followers set out to rid humanity of the phenomena of degeneration (disease, crime) and endow it with good qualities, for example, high intelligence.

3. Children's author Dr. Seuss cheated on his wife when she had cancer. After she found out about this, she committed suicide

4. Tom Cruise is a well-known follower of Scientology among the stars. Once, Scientologists even found him a girl parishioner of the Church of Scientology. However, nothing worked out for them

Scientologists, having learned that Tom Cruise was lonely, found him a lover with similar views - the “princess of Scientology,” actress Yolanda Pecoraro. Their relationship lasted only one day, and nothing worked out for them. Scientology itself is a “religion” of the 21st century. Its basic idea is that man is a spiritual being, endowed with much greater abilities than is usually believed.

5. Actor Bill Murray's ex-wife filed for divorce, citing infidelity and abuse

6. Actor Woody Harrelson's father is Charles Harrelson, a contract killer convicted of murdering a federal judge.

7. In his youth, actor Mark Wahlberg harassed black children: at the age of 15, his first lawsuit was filed against him for racial hostility and involvement in two drug incidents

8. Actor Matthew Broderick was found guilty in the deaths of two people. In 1987, the occupants of the car that Broderick's car collided with, a mother and daughter, died

He was acquitted in court, but after this incident the actor broke up with his lover and was depressed for several years.

9. Jackie Chan is an enthusiastic supporter of the Chinese government and censorship. According to him, when people have “too much freedom” it is bad. He also disowned his daughter when she came out as a lesbian.

10. Actor Tim Allen spent more than two years in prison for drug trafficking.

11. Musician Ted Nugent dodged conscription and also adopted a 17-year-old girl. According to some sources, he adopted her as a cover - so that he could sleep with her without being accused of "kidnapping"

12. In the 70s, David Bowie became seriously addicted to drugs. According to him, the musician lived on a diet of “milk, red pepper and cocaine.” Also, he changed his orientation a couple of times.

13. American football player Peyton Manning was accused of harassing a coach in college. The case ended with him paying a fine

14. Bill Nye, actor and science presenter, doesn't actually have a science degree.

15. According to some sources, Mother Teresa believed that the sick should suffer, and spent the money for unclear purposes: despite millions of investments, her monastic order did not have enough money for bread and medical needles

Not long ago, researchers from the University of Montreal dispelled the myths about the “angelic generosity” of Mother Teresa. For example, she refused medicine to dying people because “the sick must suffer.” They also noted her controversial political contacts and suspicious spending of gigantic sums that went to the monastic order.

16. Singer and actor Bing Crosby was married twice and was the father of seven children. As his adult children admitted, he was a cruel father and often beat them until they bled.

17. Tupac was convicted of rape, for which he served 9 months, and also held radical political views

18. Actor Jon Hamm was arrested in college for violently bullying another, junior student.

19. Actor Michael Peña is another famous follower of Scientology. He “accepted” it in 2000, and his career growth is associated with membership in the organization

20. John Lennon had a serious problem with violence against women. It is known that he beat both his first and second wife, which he himself admitted

The legend had some psychological problems, which sometimes resulted in uncontrollable fits of rage.

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