Special purpose curly therapists help passengers cope with stress (5 photos + 1 video)

31 December 2023

Air travel itself is quite a stressful event. And especially on holidays. Workers at the Portland Airport in Oregon, whose unusual initiative was reported by The Washington Post, took care of the emotional state of those departing and approached the problem with care and creativity.

A couple of four-legged and very charming therapy animals took over. And these are not dogs or even cats. And the llamas. Very cute, cuddly and fluffy, but at the same time calm, full of self-esteem and philosophical about the important and honorable mission entrusted to them.

To add a festive atmosphere, Benny and the Prince were dressed up as fabulous reindeer - funny horns were attached, shiny halters with bells and decorated with wreaths of holly and poinsettia, which caused delight among passengers.

The airport organized an anti-stress event together with Mountain Peaks Therapy Llamas & Alpacas Animal Therapy Center. The head of the company, Laurie Gregory, believes that these animals are ideal for relieving stress due to their soft, calm nature and surprisingly soft fluffy fur.

At the same time, Gregory emphasized that a properly raised, trained animal is absolutely calm and not aggressive. People should not be afraid of jumping, spitting or biting, especially since the animal has incisors only on the lower jaw. During the entire therapeutic program, Beni and Prince had animal handlers next to them, who helped passengers decide on hugs and photos with the llamas.

Laurie Gregory with her daughter and pets

Airports and many other organizations try to minimize the holiday stress of passengers, visitors, and customers through decorations, decor, and even impromptu performances.

But llama therapists are perhaps the most effective, efficient and original anti-stress remedy. There is only one drawback - some passengers were so carried away by communicating with the cuties that they almost missed their flight.

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