russian invasion of Ukraine. Chronicle for December 25-26

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27 December 2023

In the early morning of February 24, 2022, Russia launched missile attacks on Ukrainian territory and launched a direct, full-scale invasion. The Ukrainian Armed Forces repel the enemy

- Excellent information on Wikipedia

The main losses of the Russian Black Sea Fleet since the beginning of the war.

+1 today: Ropucha-class landing ship Novocherkassk.

Ukraine destroyed 20% of the Russian Black Sea Fleet, said the head of the British Ministry of Defense

According to Grant Shapps, this happened over the past four months. “Those who believe that the war in Ukraine has reached a dead end are mistaken,” he wrote on his page on the social network X. In his assessment, Russia’s dominance in the Black Sea is now called into question.

Earlier, Ukraine announced the sinking of the large landing ship of the Russian Black Sea Fleet "Novocherkassk" in Feodosia. The Russian Ministry of Defense reported that the ship was “damaged.”

Feodosia. BDK "Novocherkassk".

See the ship? And he is there

Like it or not, the Black Sea Fleet is being destroyed

- Very high-quality mock-ups of Soviet and Russian air defense systems and radars produced by a small American company.

- Former Japanese Army Mitsubishi Type 73 light trucks were delivered to Ukraine.

- The occupiers put the bombing on pause, fearing the downing of three Su-34s, - Gumenyuk

The downing of three Russian Su-34 fighter-bombers by the Ukrainian military significantly influenced the tactics of the invaders in the Kherson direction.

- Putin’s signals about his readiness to stop the war are sent to prevent military assistance - ISW

Statements of Putin's signals of interest in a ceasefire are more aimed at delaying and preventing further Western military assistance to Ukraine.

- Putin decided to fight until the final victory, - EU diplomat Josep Borrell

The diplomat called for more active support for Ukraine.

Borrell explained that the Russian president cannot be satisfied with “a piece of Ukraine” and allow the rest of the territory to belong to the European Union. In addition, he expects that the US presidential elections will create a more favorable scenario for him.

- NBU sold almost $1 billion from reserves on the interbank market in a week

In the week from December 18 to 22, the National Bank sold $978.4 million and bought $1.13 million on the interbank foreign exchange market.

In total, since the beginning of the year, the National Bank has already sold $27.937 billion, and bought $218.98 million.

- ISW summed up the results for 2023.

Blue - territories beyond Ukraine. Red - those that have not yet been recaptured from the Russian Federation.

- “This is the only hope in the event of impending turmoil and disaster.”

The clownery with the “elections” continues - in Moscow, hundreds of people came to a meeting of the initiative group of Igor Girkin-Strelkov, who himself is now in jail.

- In the Donetsk region, as a result of hostilities, one of the thermal power plant units was emergency shutdown

5 station workers were injured. All of them were taken to hospitals.

In addition, in the Dnepropetrovsk region, due to significant damage to the wire, the 330 kV overhead line of the NEC "Ukrenergo" was disconnected.

Combat operations continue in the area.

- From January in Paris, work will begin betweenpeople's artillery coalition to support Ukraine, - Ministry of Defense

For Ukraine, it is very important to increase firepower thanks to the supply of artillery systems by its allies. In particular, the Ukrainian Armed Forces are interested in the further purchase of Caesar self-propelled artillery systems for their needs.

It is also noted that in 2024, tests of Caesar self-propelled gun fire control using artificial intelligence are planned - the use of AI will reduce the use of ammunition for shooting and hitting targets by 30%.

- The West cannot afford to “lose Russia’s war against Ukraine,” said British Defense Minister Grant Shapps

In this regard, he called for an increase in the military budgets of the Western powers.

He said that Ukraine's loss "could have consequences in the Indo-Pacific region or elsewhere," apparently referring to a hypothetical Chinese attack on Taiwan.

- There are no volunteers left in Ukraine who want to join the army, - Major General of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Dmitry Marchenko

Those volunteers who wanted to voluntarily join the ranks of the Ukrainian Armed Forces in order to resist have ended

Therefore, according to the military man, TCC representatives are forced to go to apartments and the private sector in search of potential conscripts.

- The SBU showed a new maritime drone "Mamai"

The SBU conducts successful special operations at sea not only thanks to “Sea Baby”, but also using another drone called “Mamai”.

"Mamai" is now the fastest object in the Black Sea and can accelerate to 110 km/h.

At the same time, "Sea Baby" attacked the Crimean Bridge and other enemy targets: "This is not just a naval drone, but a multi-purpose platform that is being effectively used today."

- In Russian channels they began to shout that they shot down F-16 planes, which are not even in Ukraine yet

An attempt to somehow block the news about the downed Russian Su-34 bomber

- There is not a single Russian warship in the Black and Azov Seas now, - Ukrainian Navy.

- The most corrupt regions of Ukraine based on the results of 2023.

▪️Lviv region – 244 entries in the register of corruption offenses.

▪️Dnipropetrovsk region – 219 entries.

▪️Kiev region – 219 entries.

▪️Odessa region – 217 entries.

- Iceland will join two international coalitions supporting Ukraine - the IT coalition and the mine clearance coalition

In addition, Iceland announced the allocation of 340,000 euros through NATO structures for the purchase of medical goods for the needs of Ukraine.

Although Iceland is a NATO member, it has no army at all and only a small coast guard patrolling its coastal waters. Because of this, Iceland is not able to provide military assistance to Ukraine, but supports Ukraine politically and with humanitarian assistance.

- France, China and Japan have frozen participation in Russia’s largest gas project

French TotalEnergies, Chinese CNPC and CNOOC and a consortium of Japanese Mitsui and JOGMEC announced their withdrawal from the project.

This could lead to Arctic LNG-2 losing long-term LNG export contracts. And the Russian oil producing company Novatek will be forced to independently finance the project.

- Ukraine received $1.34 billion within the framework of the World Bank PEACE in Ukraine project

The funds will be used to partially compensate for expenses of the state budget of Ukraine not related to the sphere of security and defense, in particular for pension payments and payments to employees of the State Emergency Service.

- Children in first grade know interesting carols

- The Ukrainian Armed Forces stated that the occupiers are increasingly surrendering in groups

Over the past three days, the Ukrainian military, after a short battle, captured one group of six occupiers. Another one, almost the same in number, surrendered without a fight at all.

One of the reasons is the inhumane treatment of soldiers in the Russian army.

- “Nova Poshta” closed in Kurakhovo

The city of Kurakhovo is located just 20 km west of Marinka, the capture of which Shoigu reported today.

It was previously reported that in recent weeks Kurakhovo and neighboring settlements have regularly come under fire from Russian troops.

- In 2024, the war may become harder, - CNBC.

Key points:

▪️Intense hostilities will continue next year, but the Ukrainian Armed Forces are unlikely to launch new offensives.

▪️Russia will focus on consolidating the territory it has already captured, particularly in eastern Ukraine.

▪️The trajectory of the war will be dictated in the United States; a decrease or increase in the volume of American aid will tip the scales in someone's favor.

▪️Given that both Ukraine and Russia are investing heavily in the war, peace negotiations are unlikely. Both sides will agree to negotiate only from a position of strength.

- Instead of three million rubles for being wounded, the mobilized man received two buckets of carrots and a bag of onions

- UAE banks refused to open Rosneft accounts

Russia's largest oil company was unable to open a dirham account to conduct transactions with India.

Delivery of Russian Sokol crude to Indian Oil Corp has been delayed due to payment problems, forcing India's largest oil refiner to use up its reserves and buy more oil from the Middle East, Reuters reports.

- Space launches in the 21st century.

- What happened to the Novocherkassk landing ship

- Warm winters in Odessa these days...

Actually, what kind of photograph is this?

“A Belgian Air Force F-16 fighter was accidentally destroyed by friendly fire at a military base.”

October 12, 2018

At least they would reverse the picture so that it would be harder to search for on Google. They don't try at all.

- Melitopol: no neighbors - don’t pay for utilities

- On VC there is pure hysteria in the topic about sanctions

The conversation touched on eggs. The bot farm stubbornly denies the shortage of eggs, does not answer direct questions, and joyfully says that even if there are 200 eggs each, it will not break Russia.

600+ comments. The main take is that there is no shortage, it was a fair/production/the eggs were sold at a huge discount.

There are “difficulties”, but thanks to the abolition of import duties, we have outplayed everyone again. And in general, “in Ukraine” there is total poverty and impoverishment, but in our country “no one I know” feels a decline in the standard of living.

We see this in real time with a ship that is completely scattered around the area for parts, and the purchased journalists continue to say “damaged.”

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