25 cozy corners by the window where you want to sit for a long time (26 photos)

24 December 2023

Home is our fortress and the place where we feel most comfortable. And it’s not just that you always want to decorate it and make it even more comfortable. Some, for example, make cozy places by the window where you can read or relax on a winter evening. Let's look at a few examples of such corners that look as atmospheric as possible.

1. Cozy corner by the window

2. Surrounded by plants

3. Maximum comfort!

4. The dog thought that this was all done for her.

5. Reading corner

6. How cute

7. Large sitting area by the window

8. House in England

9. The father of the family decided to make such beauty

10. Very atmospheric corner

11. I want to lie here for a long time

12. Elegant option

13. Corner in the kitchen

14. House on the Isle of Arran in Scotland

15. “Our window corner is the coziest place in the house.”

16. A small reading corner in a house by the sea

17. In a cabin overlooking the San Gabriel Mountains, California

18. Details add a lot of coziness

19. Minimalism - nothing superfluous

20. Another cute place to read

21. Incredible view!

22. Home mini library and reading space

23. Corner in the nursery

24. For gatherings in the kitchen

25. Evening atmosphere

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