13 fun New Year's games for the whole family (15 photos)

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21 December 2023

New Year's holidays are a magical time and an opportunity to spend more time with your loved ones. So why not have some fun after the feast? What better way to strengthen family ties than team games? Here are competitions and entertainment for all ages.

1. "Tic-tac-toe"

The same rules, but instead of X's and O's we take holiday pictures. These could be Christmas trees, stars, candy canes.

2. Bows

This game requires two containers, a large spoon and lots of bows. The player is blindfolded and must move as many bows as possible from one container to another.

3. "Caramel Fishing"

A candy cane on a string is tied to the stomach, then the player must use such a hook to catch as many candies as possible from the bowl. Time is, of course, limited.

4. Matching shapes

For this entertainment you will need a medium-sized box and five pairs of objects of different shapes. This family used glasses. The participant must remember the sequence of figures and place the row correctly.

5. "Right or left"

The captain quickly commands "left" or "right", and everyone in the line must quickly step or turn in the desired direction. The main thing is that the participants carry out the command without hesitation. The one who falters is out.

6. "Hold the bow"

Before the game starts, each player receives a handful of bows. The goal is to attach as many bows to your opponent's back as possible.

If adults want to make this game a little more fun, an additional rule can be added. When the time is up, everyone must drink as many glasses as there are bows on their back.

7. Toilet Paper Race

For this drinking game you will need toilet paper rolls and shot glasses. A glass is placed at the end of the roll. Participants must roll it back up without spilling the liquid.

8. "Hungry Deer"

Each participant puts plastic glasses on their hands, simulating hooves, and tries to put as many marshmallows on their plate. The game lasts only a minute; whoever collects the most sweets wins.

9. "Gorka"

The goal of the competition is to launch the Christmas tree so that it does not fall off the table and stops on the line with the highest prize.

10. Ribbon with a gift

There are many ribbons tied to the cup, each of which leads to a gift. Participants pull the end of the ribbon and receive their prize.

11. "Ball in a glass"

Players must hit the ball into the glass.

12. "Roll up the jar"

You need to launch the can so that it stops at the prize.

13. Desktop version of "Plinko"

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23 December 2023
Запахло "веселыми" свадебными конкурсами...
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