An unusual way to get rid of back pain is practiced by Chinese pensioners (7 photos + 1 video)

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19 December 2023

It’s both funny and sinful - in China, pensioners hang themselves en masse from trees in public parks. It looks scary, but the goal is the noblest - to relieve back pain.

Some doctors even say that this is a deadly exercise, but nothing can stop the Chinese pensioner. What does he care about medical authority!

Look how vigorously they spin!

This wave began in Liaoning province, where pensioners came up with a new type of fitness - buying a special pendant under the chin, attaching it to trees or the crossbars of sports grounds, and dangling in the air on their own necks.

At the same time, we should rock back and forth or even spin to stretch the spine. It looks creepy.

In the Chinese news, this news was ironically shown in gray, as if they were all hanging there)

This is said to provide incredible relaxation and stress relief from the back.

- Every day I hang from my neck for 30 minutes, and now I need medicine for back pain. It’s so comfortable that you can even sleep in this position,” a pensioner told one of the TV channels.

Staurshka pushes the stool out from under her with her feet right in the video. The Chinese are still trolls

Such a set of procedures was invented by 57-year-old Sun Rongchong in 2017, although at first he used it only for himself. But when the pain in his back left him, he could not resist telling his neighbors.

Gossip spreads like wildfire in China, so he soon had a thousand followers.

How it works

She has a homemade one made from belts and gauze. This is even more dangerous, the material is not elastic

Hanging from the neck helps stretch the vertebrae of the cervical spine and neck, which reduces pressure on the nerves. But this is only a partial benefit, which is fraught with more dangers.

If you weigh a lot or swing too much, you can injure your spine, even to the point of paralysis.

I really like the energetic man in red, he doesn’t take care of himself!

Doctors say that the maximum weight load for the human neck is 25 kilograms. And people usually weigh several times more. No wonder they used to often execute people by hanging. True, there the neck often broke from a sharp blow under the weight of the body, but this is not much different from swinging on one’s own neck.

Verified ones in the park look more impressive

Have you tried doing this yourself? I would never do this; common sense tells me that nature certainly did not intend this for humans.

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