Meet the Swede who loves swimming in icy water with rubber duckies (5 photos + 2 videos)

19 December 2023

Eric Fellman from Sweden is not afraid of the cold and swims in the lake almost every day. During winter swims, toy ducks keep him company. Moreover, the TikToker walks 15 minutes to the pond in a T-shirt and shorts.

Eric posts his swims on TikTok, and his videos have already received almost 22 million likes! 310 thousand subscribers enjoy watching him splash in icy water and gobble up fruit ice.

“Welcome to Sweden,” Erik, 38, says in one popular video as he emerges from the lake.

“I feel cold. I just don’t freeze,” says the Swede.

A man can swim for up to 20 minutes in the cold waters of Lake Huvudsta in the suburbs of Stockholm. He even swims there at night and lights candles on the ice.

Eric has always been cold-tolerant, but started dipping in the winter five years ago because he wanted to swim all year round.

Dr. Nahid Ali explained that winter swimming "rewires our physiology to withstand cold and promote deeper sleep."

Eric confirms this and adds: "They say winter swimming has many health benefits. Even if it wasn't true, I would still do it."

"Don't try to break records. Just get to know your body and how it reacts when you're in cold water. Don't go in alone, and be sure to bring plenty of clothing," Fellman advises first-timers. "And the best way to stay warm after swimming is - move. I raise my temperature by walking around the house. If you sit still, you won't stay warm."

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