Tour of the most expensive estate in the world (18 photos + 1 video)

1 December 2023

Imagine a castle, an Indian palace, a grotto, gardens, a Greek theater and a greenhouse - all in one park complex. It was precisely this kind of wealth that the French architect Jacques Garcia acquired 30 years ago, having bought, according to experts, the most expensive estate in the world.

YouTuber and real estate agent Eric Van Conover gave his 2.46 million subscribers a tour of the huge estate.

“This is a piece of living history,” exclaimed Eric, who explained that the impressive palace and park complex passed from one owner to another over the years after the French Revolution in the 18th century.

During World War II, the castle became a hospital and then fell into disrepair.

The extensive gardens were designed by renowned landscape architect André Le Nôtre

In 1992, Jacques Garcia purchased the Château de Champ de Bataille, located in Normandy, France, which was designed in 1652 by Louis Leveau, the architect of the Palace of Versailles.

The owner restored the estate to its original appearance. Rumor has it that he buys works of art for the estate every day.

Eric said that Jacques found the original drawings and was able to recreate the landscape as it was 400 years ago.

There is a castle, an Indian palace, a grotto, huge green gardens, a Greek theater and a greenhouse

The gardens are decorated with fountains. It takes a team of 15 of Europe's best gardeners to maintain and create the complex arrangements, including huge shrub chess pieces and magnificent labyrinths.

Next, the expert visited the Greek theater of the castle, which was created in the image of temples first discovered by archaeologists in the 17th century.

To build the Indian palace in 1992, Jacques ordered 600 containers of natural material from India.

“He throws parties where he brings elephants, tigers and bears,” Eric said.

Bored during the 2020 pandemic, owner Jacques Garcia built a grotto with a waterfall cascading over volcanic lava rocks

It is worth noting that the greenhouse is decorated with 400-year-old ferns. And in the hall there is a Steinway & Sons piano, which belonged to Heinrich Steinweg himself, the German piano maker who founded this famous company.

Finally, Eric spoke about the castle where he spent the night.

“It wasn’t the best dream, but it wasn’t the worst either,” the YouTuber admitted.

He was only able to examine a quarter of the castle, since an entire wing was closed because Jacques lived there.

“Everything here is genuine,” the man said, pointing to the exquisite silverware and stunning collection of masterpieces, including portraits of Marie Antoinette.

The library has more than 20,000 historical books. There is also a hall with stuffed animals. The castle also housed more bizarre collections, such as real mummified human bodies from Egypt.

The expert could not name the approximate cost of all the real estate, since the castle has a restaurant and a hotel.

A night in one of the luxurious rooms will costI at 320 euros, parks and theaters can be rented for events and weddings.

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