Preparing for the end of the world: Mark Zuckerberg is secretly building a bunker in Hawaii (8 photos)

19 December 2023

No, in fact it will be a big house, but in addition to it there will be an underground bunker with an area of 500 square meters with an “explosion-proof door”, an emergency hatch and a bunch of technological goodies.

Mark Zuckerberg has decided to get a new home. On the Hawaiian island of Kauai, construction is underway on an entire residential complex consisting of two houses (one personal, the other guest), which will be connected by an underground tunnel.

Plan of the site where construction is taking place

He will also provide a path to the bunker, which can be accessed by Zuckerberg himself and his family, and guests from his second home.

Main gate to Zuckerberg's estate

The bunker will be provided with autonomous renewable power sources, as well as a large supply of water and food.

2022, aerial photography of the site


In addition, it is planned to build so-called “tree houses” - there will be 11 of them; these buildings will be connected to each other by rope ladders. They will likely be used for team building and corporate retreats for Zuckerberg's employees.

The construction company and all its employees signed a non-disclosure agreement on the conditions and details of the upcoming construction, but snippets of information were still leaked to the press, including photographs of the estate at various stages of construction taken from the air.

At the moment, the estate where construction is taking place is surrounded by a wall 1.8 meters high, and the cost of this project is now estimated at 270 million dollars ((including $100 million for construction and $170 million for land, but the price may be underestimated).

One of the security towers around the construction site

People involved in the construction of the complex say that its level of secrecy is such that “can only be seen at protected military facilities.” And although local residents are unhappy that Zuckerberg bought up a huge part of the island’s land (the complex’s area is about 1.4 thousand acres, i.e. more than 560 hectares), fenced off the construction site with a huge fence and thereby cut off access to the ocean, people understand that he generously donates to the local treasury and gives work. For an island where in 1973 there was only one traffic light is significant progress.

True, it is not a fact that after construction is completed, Zuckerberg will remain as generous. Plus, not everyone likes the atmosphere of secrecy. In particular, when one of the facility’s guards fell from a heart attack, he was not allowed to communicate with his family in the hospital. The security guard died without seeing his loved ones, because Zuckerberg’s security service did not agree for too long to allow the patient to meet with his relatives.

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20 December 2023
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