25 Christmas trees with a twist (26 photos)

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19 December 2023

Have you already put up your Christmas tree? There is not much left until the New Year. It's time to decorate your home for the holidays! Look at these original Christmas trees - firstly, they are beautiful, and secondly, they lift your spirits.

1. “My father's Christmas tree. He bought it at a Mexican goods store."

2. “I put up a Christmas tree that our cats are not allowed to climb on.”

3. “A Christmas book tree installed by a bookstore at the railway station. Below are places for readers waiting for the train."

4. “Village Christmas tree”

5. “My father made it with his own hands.”

6. “I can’t stop looking at my space tree. It took me three days to paint the balloons, but it’s worth it!”

7. "Christmas tree made from portable toilets in Võru, Estonia"

8. “A Christmas tree made from driftwood washed up on the shore. The Best of a Tropical Island"

9. “My neighbor thinks Christmas trees should look like this.”

10. “My upside down rainbow glass tree studded with crystals. My favorite tree I've ever made. I love how unconventional and unique it looks."

11. "The Invisible Christmas Tree"

12. “I put up and decorated my Christmas tree last night.”

13. “My creative portal tree with a stand from the LEGO Tardis set”

14. “For those who knit”

15. "Life-Size LEGO Christmas Tree"

16. “Decorative Christmas tree made of succulents in the botanical garden”

17. “My Christmas tree this year.”

18. “Our Christmas tree. We couldn't afford Christmas decorations, so we used things we already had."

19. “This year I made a Christmas tree out of my drums.”

20. “Christmas Tree-Godzilla”

21. “My first Christmas tree in my first apartment (I live alone). Happy holidays everyone"

22. “This year I knitted a 6-foot-tall Christmas tree.”

23. "Christmas Tree with the Grinch"

24. “This year I decided not to buy a Christmas tree, but made my own from dry branches.”

25. “My mom decoratedtree in the style of Tim Burton/ "The Nightmare Before Christmas"

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