30 retro photos of fishermen with big catches (31 photos)

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14 December 2023

Fishing is an ancient practice. Once an essential part of human survival and culture, it has evolved into one of the most popular hobbies in the world many years ago. It involves skill, patience, and sometimes just luck. Let's take a look at a small collection of retro photographs of fishermen's catches from different eras!

People have always fished - and fishing has a rich history. It was described in records from Ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome: then it was both a necessity and entertainment. And in medieval Europe, for example, fishing was a revered activity, often available only to the nobility. In the 17th and 18th centuries, sport fishing developed: special fishing gear and books on the art of fishing appeared. The end of the 19th and beginning of the 20th centuries was the period of the birth of modern sport fishing. During this era, several record catches were recorded, such as the capture of giant tuna and marlin in the Atlantic and Pacific oceans.

In the 20th century, significant progress occurred in fishing: strong and lightweight fishing rods, fishing lines and various baits were developed. As the popularity of fishing for large fish grew, so did awareness of the need to preserve nature: due to the decline of some species, fishermen began to release rare fish more often and approach fishing more rationally. In the second half of the 20th century, several of the largest catches in history were recorded.

1. Edward Llewellen with a black sea bass weighing 193 kg. Catalina Island, California, USA, August 26, 1903

2. 175 kg black sea bass caught by Franklin Schenk, Catalina Island, California, August 17, 1900

3. Sunfish weighing 1.5 tons, Santa Catalina Island, California, April 1, 1910

4. Manta weighing 2.2 tons and 6 meters wide, 1932

5. A. V. Barrett caught a black sea bass weighing 189 kg. And again Santa Catalina Island, 1901

6. Marlin caught in Tahiti, 1901

7. Large sturgeon, Columbia River, USA, circa 1900

8. Tuna weighing 308 kg, 1911

9. Writer Ernest Hemingway with his family, and caught marlins. Bimini, Bahamas, 1935

10. Shortnose spearfish, 1940s

11. Writer Ernest Hemingway and artist Henry Stratter caught a 226-kilogram marlin. Bahamas, 1935

12. Shark in Port Chalmers, New Zealand, 1900s

13. Huge catfish, Germany, 1928

14. 200-pound black bass, Catalina, California, 1906

15. Fisherman in Istanbul, Türkiye, 1933

16. Man with two large fish, 1952


17. On the Royal Navy's HMS Penguin, UK, 1900s

18. USA, 1939

19. Captain A.L. Kahn with a giant manta ray, New Jersey, USA, 1933

20. Boy with cod, Greenland, 1927

21. Swordfish weighing 240 kg, Canada, 1910

22. Writers Ernest Hemingway and John Dos Passos with tarpon fish, Key West, Florida, 1928

23. Men catch two Australian silver croakers, Catalina Island, circa 1910

24. Florida, USA

25. Black sea bass again, Catalina Island, 1905

26. Huge white sturgeon

27. Big catch

28. Big swordfish

29. Fish weighing 165 kg

30. Sawfish

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