The president of the Turkish football club beat the referee during the match (2 photos + 2 videos)

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14 December 2023

Recently a very emotional football match took place in Turkey. In Ankara, the capital's Ankaragucu club hosted Rizespor FC. The match ended in a draw with a score of 1:1. It would seem that friendship won, but no. In the first half, the referee did not count the goal of Ankaragucu player Ali Sow, and in the second half he was sent off altogether. Understandably, not everyone liked this decision.

And when the final whistle sounded, the president of the Turkish Ankaragucu Faruk Koca freaked out from the “dishonest refereeing” and powerfully hit the referee in the head. The man fell and a scuffle ensued, as a result of which the judge lying on the lawn received a couple of kicks. The poor guy was hospitalized, the club president faces criminal penalties, and the Turkish Football Federation suspended matches in all leagues indefinitely. This is how football turned out. By the way, the injured referee Khalil Umut Meler said that “enough is enough” and he is ending his career.

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