12 countries of the world and their highest-grossing films that went down in national history (13 photos)

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14 December 2023

Some of the box office receipts are indicated in national currency (mainly for films that were not widely released worldwide), the other is in dollars.

It is most interesting and effective to study other cultures through their significant works in various forms of art. And cinema is one of the most easily accessible. Therefore, if the Gardens of Versailles and the original volume of Chaucer are not nearby, then we invite you to watch films that have gained unprecedented popularity in each of their countries. These films became record holders for national box office among domestic productions, that is, a German film in Germany, and a French film in France. We talk about 12 films from around the world.

Germany - Moccasins Manitou (2001)

Box office: €65 million

Comedy western parody in German, which also became a blockbuster in Austria.

China - Battle of Chosin Reservoir (2021)

Gross: ¥5.775 billion

Sometimes it goes under a different name: “Battle on the Lake.” The war drama is based on the true events of 1950 - the battle between UN forces and Chinese volunteers.

Italy - To hell with the horns (2016)

Box office: €65.3 million

An Italian comedy about a very long business trip.

UK - 007: Skyfall Coordinates (2012)

Box office: $1.108 billion

The twenty-third James Bond film, as you know, won two Oscars: for best song (Skyfall) and best sound editing.

India - Baahubali: Birth of a Legend (2017)

Collections: ₹17.3 billion

The second part of the fantasy film Baahubali: The Beginning (2015), which is the third Indian film in IMAX format.

Spain - Eight Basque surnames (2014)

Box office: $77 million

Three actors of this comedy (Dani Rovira, Carmen Machi and Carra Elejalde) received awards from the prestigious Spanish national film award Goya.

Japan - Demon Slayer: Infinity Train (2020)

Box office: $364 million

The film received the title of “Best Animated Film of the Year” at the Japanese Academy Awards. In 2020, it became the world's highest-grossing film, grossing $507 million.

France - Beaver is welcome! (2008)

Box office: $245 million

Even the film “1+1” (2011) did not outperform this comedy at the French box office, and Italy, inspired by the French success, filmed a remake of “Welcome to the South” (2010).

Türkiye - Cool Team (2023)

Box office: ₺170 million

The cartoon is still running in the Turkish box office and is only 17 million behind Avatar: The Way of Water (2022), which occupies the top box office.

Greece - Zorba the Greek (1964)

Box office: $23.5 million

The period of the 1950s and 1960s is called the golden age of Greek cinema; it is not surprising that the film of this time has not yet surpassed any modern one. The film, shot jointly with the United States, received three Oscars: for best work of cinematographer, artist and best supporting actress (Lilya Kedrova).

USA and Canada - Star Wars: The Force Awakens (2015)

Box office: $936.6 million

One of only six films in cinema history to gross over $2 billion worldwide.

Kazakhstan – Business in Kazakh way in Korea (2019)

Box office: ₸1.9 billion

Of the entire “Business in Kazakh” media franchise, it was the fourth part that collected a record amount of tenge in the entire history of the country’s distribution.

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