22 unknown facts about the film "Man on the Moon", the most underrated film with Jim Carrey (9 photos + 1 video)

12 December 2023

The appearance of the main character of Milos Forman's film "Man on the Moon" from the very first episode of the film makes you wonder: so who is in front of us? Yes, almost nothing in this film is invented. This is a biopic of American Andy Kaufman, a comic actor and showman.

1. Jim Carrey worked on the role of Andy Kaufman using the “Method” of acting. One of the tricks of... uh... this method is not to leave the image even during breaks between shootings. In general, keep in character throughout the entire filming!

1.1. They say that Kerry went completely crazy over this: he demanded to call himself Andy, even mocked members of the film crew in the style of Kaufman, and members of Kaufman’s family believed that Kerry had indeed been possessed by the famous artist. In 2017, Chris Smith released the documentary “Jim and Andy: Another World,” which showed in vivid detail all the features of the filming of “Man on the Moon.”

2. Like Kaufman, Kerry made Tony Clifton's belly by stuffing Limburger cheese under his shirt.

3. The song “Man on the moon” was written by R.E.M. especially for the film. And not vice versa. However, it is possible that we all think so thanks to Andy Kaufman :)

3.1. The film was named after the song. And not vice versa. However... :)

3.2. There are a total of 15 songs in the film, 8 of which were recorded by R.E.M.

4. Relatives, friends, colleagues and in general everyone really did not believe in his illness until Kaufman’s death. To be honest, after watching the film I still can’t believe it. That doctor was wearing very suspicious shoes!

5. The real George Shapiro makes a cameo appearance as Mr. Besserman, the bar owner at the beginning of the film:

5.1. And the real Bob Zmuda (played by Paul Giamatti in the film) appears in a cameo role as producer Jack Burns, with whom Kaufman arranges a “happening” live:

6. One of the candidates for the role of Kaufman was Gary Oldman. The actor immediately realized that “yes, but no” and refused. However, some joker on his behalf spent several months discussing with Danny DeVito (who played George Shapiro) their joint game. DeVito only realized the prank at the beginning of the auditions, where he met Carrey. Who said Kaufman is dead?

7. One day an ambulance had to be called to the set to stop Kerry’s nosebleed. The actor, foaming at the mouth, claimed that he was beaten by Tony Clifton. Well, miracles!

8. Universal Pictures was unhappy with the filming and wanted to replace Milos Forman as director. Jim Carrey said that if Foreman leaves, then he won’t be on the court either.

9. During the filming of Taxi (1978), we see real actors from this television series on the screen. Of course, with the exception of the late (or not?) Andy Kaufman, Tony Danza, who was busy in the Broadway production and, of course... Danny DeVito, who played George Shapiro. How confusing everything is!

10. In the film we see a real conga (Cuban drums) by Andy Kaufman, which Kerry bought for himself and brought to the set.

11. Jim Carrey was so immersed in his “Method” role that he really annoyed Jerry Lawler, spat in his face, and really fucked him up. At first, the actor demanded that Lawler be fired, but then he returned to the role and everything was forgotten. According to Lawler's recollections, he hit Carrey much harder on camera during the filming of The Tonight Show with David Letterman. Took my soul away!

12. The role of Kaufman's little sister was played by... his granddaughter, Brittany Colonna. This is her only film.

13. The Elvis Presley parody scene is almost exactly the same as the original. Presley himself managed to call her the best. Check out this selection of Kerry vs Kaufman. What do you think?

13.1. The only anachronism in this scene is the signature “goat”, which was later popularized by Ronnie James Dio during the Black Sabbath era.

14. The Kerry-Lawler bout was filmed at Los Angeles' Grand Olympic Auditorium, while Kaufman fought Lawler at Memphis' Mid-South Coliseum. Between these two eventslo 17 years old. Both were commentated by Lance Russell.

15. Andy Kaufman and Jim Carrey were both born on January 17th. The first - in 1949, the second - in 1962.

16. Carrey actually shaved his head and lost weight to portray the sick Kaufman.

17. In fact, everyone knew that Tony Clifton was Andy Kaufman.

18. In 1980, Kaufman and Zmuda wrote the screenplay for a film starring Tony Clifton. The film was never made, but there is one detail that unites this work with the fate of Kaufman himself: in the script, Clifton dies of cancer at Cedars-Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles. Five years later, the same fate and in the same place would befall Kaufman himself. It was as if fate was laughing at the great joker.

19. Note the Motion Picture Association of America certificate number in the film's closing credits. In fact, the correct number is 36916. We still haven't gotten to six digits of the MPAA number.

20. In scenes where Clifton and Kaufman appear together, Clifton is played by Paul Giamatti.

21. When Shapiro brings the good news that ABC has agreed to all his terms for filming the television series Taxi, Kaufman plays Pac-Man on the slot machine. In fact, she appeared two years later in 1980.

22. Film budget. And the film’s budget is just like Andy Kouyman’s. Who the hell knows! :) Sources give different figures from $52 million to $82 million. But as for income, everyone is unanimous in their opinion: Milos Forman’s penultimate work turned out to be a total financial failure. Largely due to Jim Carrey's astronomical fee of $20 million.

22.1. Forman made his next (and last) film only 7 years later.

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