The patient urinated in the ambulance and threw out the medic (4 photos + 1 video)

1 December 2023

The London Ambulance Service published a video of a patient being pushed out of a medic's car. Before this, an aggressive man urinated in the vehicle and cursed at the staff.

The incident took place near a hospital in the West End and no one was seriously injured. During the incident, the patient insulted the responding paramedic because of his long hair.

The footage shows the 30-year-old paramedic writhing in pain and clutching his hand after falling as a man leaves the emergency room.

The police, already at the scene, arrested the offender. He was subsequently convicted and ordered to pay compensation to the paramedic.

“It was so painful that at first I thought I had broken my arm. Sharp pain, and then numbness,” says the victim. “I’m glad the case went to court, let this be a reminder that this kind of attitude towards us is unacceptable.”

"We come to work to help people, not to do that. Now I always wear a body camera and make sure I'm not alone with patients who I think may be dangerous."

This year the London Ambulance Service launched its 'Work Without Fear' campaign. The initiative was supported by doctors across the UK. A department has been formed to combat violence against doctors, and they are also provided with support in legal proceedings.

In 2022, there were 561 attacks on medical staff in the UK, but only 38 cases went to trial.

John Martin, chief paramedic at the London Ambulance Service, commented:

"Our ambulance crews and dispatchers are helping Londoners in their time of need. We cannot and will not tolerate violence or threats against them. We will do everything we can to keep them safe."

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