Drunk Britons got into a fight at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix (7 photos + 1 video)

1 December 2023

Dutch Red Bull driver Max Verstappen became the Formula 1 champion with his 19th victory of the season. However, a party in honor of the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix turned into chaos when tipsy fans began throwing bottles at each other.

At an exclusive event held on a balcony overlooking the track, a fight broke out. Formula 1 fans, some of whom are British, hit each other and threw bottles of champagne. The women and the security service tried to separate the men, but they were not immediately successful.

One of the participants, wearing a red T-shirt, is seen jumping over white sofas to hit another. The man in the white T-shirt then returns and strikes back.

As security tries to restrain the men, the fence posts fall to the floor. The DJ can be heard telling the crowd to “let’s go” and suddenly realizes that the situation is out of control. He asks the guards to stop the fight. Kanye West's "All of the Lights" plays in the background.

The controversial rapper was among the stars attending the Grand Prix on Sunday. The hitmaker released a new single, Vultures, but it was criticized for its provocative lyrics that touch on the topic of anti-Semitism. However, this did not dampen the mood at all and West rocked out to his track along with colleague Ty Dolla $ign, as well as Chris Brown, Bump J and others at a party in Dubai.

Max Verstappen won a record 19 out of 22 races and became a three-time Formula 1 champion.

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