The girl was distorted after a Botox injection (4 photos)

1 December 2023

Botox (botulinum toxin preparations) are medications that block neuromuscular transmission. They are usually used in cosmetology to prevent wrinkles, but are sometimes prescribed for medical purposes.

This was the case with a Reddit user who shared her story. For medical reasons, she was prescribed Botox. The patient listened to the neurologist and went for the procedure. Yes, but everything didn’t go according to plan. The doctors warned her that the result might not be justified, but the girl definitely did not expect this.

This is what our heroine’s smile used to look like: nothing unusual. But a few days later the girl woke up and experienced strange sensations. When she went to the mirror, she discovered that her face was distorted. You can’t smile normally: your mouth lives its own life.

On the 4th and 8th day after the procedure

Naturally, she was afraid that she would remain with that face forever. In general, the girl was recommended to undergo Botox, because this is another way to treat her difficult disease. She has trigeminal neuralgia, which causes severe pain. The previous medications stopped helping, so the doctors recommended a new method of treatment.

The patient was warned that there might be drooping of the face, but after another examination, the neurologist concluded that they had probably gone too far with the amount of the drug. Doctors assure that in 6-8 weeks everything will pass - and the face will take its previous appearance.

However, for now the girl feels crazy, because she looks unusual and scary for herself and those around her.

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