Why are large breasts considered ugly in North Korea (17 photos)

1 December 2023

Professional and personal life, religion, education, interests and even appearance - for all this, the DPRK has its own norms and rules, non-compliance with which is punished in the most strict manner.

Despite the fact that this is the freedom-loving and tolerant 21st century, in one of the most closed countries in the world, North Korea, all spheres of human life are in one way or another strictly regulated by the rules established by the ruling elite.

Residents of North Korea

So, for example, North Korean women are not supposed to wear bright makeup (and it is better to do without it at all), wear provocative outfits and choose original haircuts. True, in recent years these rules have become a little more democratic, and women still have the opportunity to cut their hair the way they want and wear more or less stylish clothes.

Women in North Korea

And all thanks to Kim Jong-un’s wife, Lee Sol-ju, who, as befits a first lady, has become for all North Korean women a kind of “style icon” and a symbol of certain freedoms in appearance.

Lee Seol-ju (left)

Until 1948, beauty standards in Korea were most directly dependent on Japan and the United States, under whose influence the country was in those years. However, Western trends began to penetrate Korea as early as the 1800s, and finally strengthened their position in the first half of the 20th century, when the country was under Japanese occupation.

Korea under Japanese occupation

Korean women, who imitated the Japanese in everything, tried to adopt their style in clothing, hairstyles and makeup, as well as follow the fashionable flappers of those years - girls who personified the generation of the “roaring 20s” in the USA with scarlet lipstick, black eyeliner, complex styling and daring haircuts.

Flapper girls

The situation in this matter was changed by the Second World War and the subsequent division of Korea into North and South. North Korean girls suddenly lost a role model, and the ruling elite, who chose the path of Juche ideology for themselves, also ordered all their citizens to follow the ideas of socialism - even in terms of appearance.

Women in North Korea

It is probably the women of North Korea who have suffered the most from the introduction of new laws and regulations regulating how they should look. And all because the image of the ideal citizen of the DPRK was formed by the male leaders of the state with their very unique views on this issue. A woman in North Korea is, first of all, a worker of labor and a leader in production, preferring a restrained style of clothing, strict, laconic hairstyles and completely denying the presence of even minimal makeup.

North Korean propaganda posters

And, it must be admitted that even though today these beauty standards approved by the state apparatus have some variability (for example, North Korean women can wear more frivolous clothes and have fashionable, but not extreme haircuts), there can be no talk of any influence from outside. It’s trivial that the country doesn’t even have the global Internet, where you could spy on an interesting image or idea for an outfit!

Girls in North Korea

The standards of female beauty in North Korea, as many years ago, are determined by the ruling elite and...natural abilities. The most attractive are considered to be a round face, white skin, short hair and...small breasts.

Girl in North Korea

Yes, yes, for you, perhaps, this will become a kind of revelation, especially when you consider that the entire progressive world (and South Korea is no exception) strongly promotes and encourages women to have large breasts, but North Korean men adhere to completely different beliefs. They think he's smallLarge breasts are a sign of a chaste and decent woman, a good housewife and a devoted wife.

Girls in North Korea

In general, an ideal citizen of the DPRK, when large breasts indicate the freedom-loving nature of its owner, the woman’s frivolity and easy accessibility. After all, it’s not for nothing that she flaunts it?! North Korean men are confident that a woman with a large bust is unlikely to become not only a faithful and decent wife, but also a worthy member of society.

Girl in North Korea

And such beliefs sometimes reach the point of absurdity, when a girl with round shapes, because of her external data, cannot even get a good job - her employers take her seriously!

Girl in North Korea

Not to mention the fact that because of their large breasts, representatives of the fairer sex in North Korea are often subject to discrimination, public condemnation and ridicule. Can you imagine this?

Girl in North Korea

Such beliefs push North Korean owners of curvy figures to all sorts of tricks. So, some Korean women begin to eat garlic in large quantities, because there is an opinion that it helps reduce breast size.

Girls in North Korea

Others, being in a similar situation, often try to hide their true volumes by tightly tightening their chests with bandages and dense fabrics, which, of course, causes discomfort and even pain. However, this is the only way North Korean women see an opportunity to avoid public shaming and condemnation.

Girl in North Korea

And here we need to make an important remark: the main sources of information regarding the attitude of North Korean society towards women with large breasts are the so-called defectors from North Korea, who, only once they were far outside the regime, were able to speak more or less freely about the life of North Korean society. And whether to believe in their stories or not is up to you...

Girl in North Korea

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