Beggar animals that are difficult to refuse (17 photos)

1 December 2023

Pigeons, cats, dogs and squirrels are not the only ones who beg for food from passers-by. Here is a selection of cute and not so cute animal beggars from all over the world, which are difficult to refuse.

In our cities, pigeons and sparrows most often fly in for a treat, and squirrels also come running. However, in some parts of the planet, the main beggars are not squirrels and pigeons. Here are examples from different countries where the familiar squirrels are replaced by other animals.

Japan is rich in charming beggars: there is an island of rabbits...

Cat Island

And the village of foxes

And here comes Nara - another wonderful city in Japan where deer roam

In Austria, marmots come for a treat

In Nevada, wild horses roam in some towns

A Herd of Wild Donkeys Came to a House in Southern California

Susliks in the center of Krasnoyarsk

Monkeys in the city of Thailand

Raccoons can be found in many US cities

Kauai Island (Hawaii) - roosters

Iguanas on the beach of Nassau, the capital of the Bahamas

Wild boars stroll through the Israeli city of Haifa

Swimming pigs in the Bahamas

Caracas (Venezuela) - parrots

But who is fed in Ecuador?

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