Photo spies captured the new Ferrari hypercar (11 photos)

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1 December 2023

Western publications published photographs showing a prototype of a new hypercar from Ferrari. The car looks like a diamond in the rough. The new product will act as a direct competitor to the hybrid LaFerrari.

A new batch of spy shots shows the newest Prancing Horse, the prototype of which was roaming the streets of Germany. Over the years, we've learned that it's best not to judge a car's appearance while it's still in camouflage. Why? Because prototypes do not have all the final appearance elements until the end of the testing phase. That's the case here, as the LaFerrari replacement shares some temporary components, including the four taillights from the SF90.

There are massive air intakes front and rear, not to mention oversized side vents for improved airflow. Although there are no visible badges on this prototype, the "Ferrari" lettering is easily visible on the brake calipers of both axles.

The pair of round exhaust tips protruding from the center of the rear bumper are fake because the exhaust system itself is hidden behind a mesh. The rear view camera, located above the third brake light, is unlikely to remain there on the production car, as it can be assumed that it would be better integrated into the body. The massive rear diffuser gives the hypercar an intimidating appearance, as does the massive front splitter attached to the bumper, which lacks air intake covers.

Cutouts in the roof reveal that Maranello's crown jewel, codenamed "F250", will feature butterfly doors. We're wondering if it will still have a rear window since the entire rear is covered in camouflage. Even if it does, we think rearward visibility will be severely hampered by that large wing. This shouldn't be a big problem since that's what cameras are for, and Polestar would agree with this since their new 4 and 5 models also force drivers to rely solely on the camera after the rear window falls.

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