The “Wedding of the Century” was celebrated in Paris for $59 million (1 photo + 5 videos)

27 November 2023

Footage from the wedding of the 26-year-old daughter of the owner of Mercedes-Benz car dealerships in the USA, Bob Brockway, with an unknown guy was widely distributed on TikTok. The celebration lasted five days at the Castle of Versailles and it was already dubbed the “Wedding of the Century”... We don’t envy you, girls!

The bride's parents are respectable and not poor - her father, as already mentioned, is the owner of Mercedes-Benz car dealerships in the USA. Mother is vice president of the Mercedes subsidiary in Florida. As for the groom, he formerly worked as a talent coordinator for the Country Music Association, after which he worked for more than three years as an operational assistant for the Ole Miss football team, and in 2018 he got a job as a production assistant for country singer Jason Aldean. It is unknown what the newly-made husband is doing now.

But that doesn't matter.

Users have already dubbed the wedding of Madeleine Brockway and Jacob LaGrone the wedding of the century. The newlyweds arrived in France on a private jet.

Throughout the five days, the couple was accompanied by a personal driver, a team of hairdressers and makeup artists who monitored the bride’s appearance, as well as a group of professional photographers who filmed almost every action of the newlyweds.

The main celebration took place in a private Parisian garden overlooking the Eiffel Tower.

According to the Daily Mail tabloid, the program of the 5-day celebration was intense: a private concert of the entire orchestra and the popular group Maroon 5, a private lunch in the Chanel Haute Couture Suite, an exclusive boat excursion and a rehearsal dinner at the Paris Opera House, which cost approximately 325 thousand dollars, an overnight stay at the Palace of Versailles - and that’s not all.

The bride showed off her outfits on her personal TikTok page, which at first had only 10 thousand followers, but soon the account already received millions of views from admiring viewers.

In addition, Brockway held a four-day bachelorette party at the star-studded Amangiri Resort in Utah: the first day was called “Pretty in Pink,” the second was “Aliens Among Us,” the third was “The Golden Hour,” and the fourth was dedicated to the last queen of France, Marie Antoinette.

The pre-wedding marathon and large-scale wedding of Brockway and Lagron caused a flurry of emotions among netizens. “I’m just sitting in the car right now with my jaw on the floor. The most amazing wedding in the world is happening right now,” they commented on the viral videos.

Journalists were unable to find out the exact amount of income of the bride’s parents, but it is known for certain that at the beginning of 2023 the family sold two of their car dealerships, earning from 150 million to 700 million dollars.

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28 November 2023
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