Farmers staged a manure riot in front of officials (1 photo + 4 videos)

27 November 2023

The mayor's office of the French city of Toulouse appreciated the entire diverse palette of manure aromas, but does not plan to reduce taxes.

French farmers are not timid guys; they did not remain silent about rising prices for fertilizers and raising taxes. Everyone got it. The Federation of Farmers' Unions noted that politicians with their laws do not take into account “the reality of the agricultural model.” They demand that “the President keep his word and give French agriculture the means, all the means, so that it can play an active role in solving the food, energy and environmental problems of the future.”

The city of Toulouse, or rather the city hall building, was the first to be targeted. The farmers doused it with liquid manure, and then, dumping a huge pile of straw mixed with cow poop, tires and other rubbish in front of the entrance, they set the whole thing on fire.

Workers in the agricultural sector went to demonstrations on tractors, paralyzing the roads, burning garbage on the asphalt, and dumping hundreds of kilograms of manure on the flowerbeds of the administrative center.

In short, we had a fun and productive time.

Farmers dumped heaps of manure in front of McDonald's and Burger Kings in other communities across the country.

The dung riot passed without incident, we met, talked, left cow poop and went our separate ways. Well, the officials said that they would definitely think about the farmers’ claims.

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