Road to the clouds: the amazing Chinese Tongtian Highway (8 photos)

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27 November 2023

Tongtian is 99 winding turns, united by equally winding sections. The 11-kilometer highway in China, better known as the Heavenly Highway, was built specifically to provide access to a unique natural landmark - an arch in Tianmen Mountain called the Heavenly Gate.

Sharp turns and steep climbs can throw even experienced drivers into panic. But it's definitely worth it. After all, the driver and passengers see a stunning natural landscape - monumental mountains, sharp rocks, picturesque plateaus with dense vegetation.

When traveling, you need to show yourself to be as focused and attentive as possible. Because the “Heavenly Highway” does not provide for barriers. Therefore, excessive self-confidence, carelessness or recklessness can lead to dire consequences.

The situation is further complicated by the fog that thickens over the road as night falls. In some sections the route can rise sharply upward at an angle of up to 70 degrees. The real road to the clouds...

"Heaven's Gate"

Stopping for no reason is also undesirable: such stops can create additional difficulties for other drivers, of whom there are quite a few on the road. There are no gas stations or hotels along the road, so you need to stock up on everything you need in advance. It is also important to consider that the location of the road (1400 meters above sea level) can cause dizziness and headaches.

It took 7 long years to build the road. But it was worth it: “Heavenly Highway” is considered an attraction almost equivalent to “Heaven’s Gate”. And thousands of tourists come here to, among other things, test their strength and experience unforgettable emotions from the trip, which in some places creates the illusion of flight.

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