18 famous people who mysteriously disappeared (19 photos)

24 November 2023

In our world, thousands of people go missing. However, when a celebrity disappears, it becomes known to the whole world. Some of them are later found, others face a bitter fate. We learn about several mysterious cases of disappearance of famous people.

1. Italian actress Ilenia Carrisi

In 1994, while traveling in Central America, Ilenia disappeared under mysterious circumstances near New Orleans. During the investigation, a local security guard claimed to have seen a girl who looked like her jump into the Mississippi River. But searches by the coast guard found no trace of the girl's body. Someone, on the contrary, claimed that she was alive. But in 2014, at the request of her father, the actress was declared dead.

2. Fan Bingbing, Chinese actress

Chinese actress Fan Bingbing gained worldwide fame after her role in the film X-Men: Days of Future Past. After July 1, 2018, the girl suddenly disappeared and stopped appearing on social networks. The media did not comment on her whereabouts. It turned out that the Chinese government had discovered that she was evading taxes. Only a few months later, the actress unexpectedly appeared - she published a public letter in which she repented and asked for forgiveness.

3. Actor Sean Flynn

Sean Flynn, the son of the once famous Hollywood actor Errol Flynn, tried to get into acting - but did not achieve much success. He worked as a photojournalist during the Vietnam War and suddenly disappeared in 1970 in Cambodia along with journalist Dana Stone. It is widely believed that they were captured by the Viet Cong and subsequently killed by the Khmer Rouge, a Cambodian communist organization.

4. Actor Joe Pichler

Joe Pichler became famous for his roles in the films Beethoven and Varsity Squad. After a stellar childhood, he took a break from his studies to finish high school. About to return to acting in 2006, the guy suddenly disappeared. Despite signs pointing to suicide, his family maintained that he could never have done it.

5. Musician Richie Edwards

Richie Edwards, punk musician and guitarist for the Manic Street Preachers, rose to fame in 1991 after a dispute with a journalist who questioned the authenticity of his band. When asked if he was serious about his creativity, Edwards responded by carving the words 4REAL ("Really") into his hand. In 1995, the musician disappeared. At first it was suspected that this was a PR stunt, but over time it became clear that Edwards had indeed disappeared. His car was later found abandoned near a bridge where many committed suicide. However, his family denied this possibility.

6. Basketball player Rico Harris

In 2000, Rico Harris, a promising player for the American basketball team "Harlem Globetrotters", became addicted to alcohol. One evening he was driving to Seattle to visit his girlfriend, but he never made it. His car was later found - he abandoned it in the vicinity of Sacramento, leaving his wallet and credit cards inside. The fate of the athlete turned out to be shrouded in mystery - he has not yet been found.

7. British Lord Lucan

In 1974, British Lord Lucan, who was in contention for the role of James Bond, was involved in crime. After the divorce, he tried to kill his wife, but in the dark he mistook her for his nanny, Sandra Rivette, and mortally wounded her. After this, Lucan disappeared, causing much speculation about his fate.

8. Bison Deal (Brian Williams)

American basketball player Bison Deal (Brian Williams), after finishing his sports career, led an eccentric lifestyle and went to Asia to explore the world. He went missing at the age of 33: his yacht Hakuna Matata, intended for sailing along the routeTahiti-Hawaii, disappeared. The main suspect in the incident, as well as in the murder of Deal himself, was considered his brother, Miles Debord. He was sailing on a yacht with his brother and his girlfriend, but after the incident he was seen several times in Tahiti. The police theorized that the brother killed Deal, his girlfriend, and the skipper in order to take advantage of his brother's money. Later, in 2002, Miles Debord committed suicide by taking a dose of insulin that was incompatible with life.

9. Writer and aviation pioneer Amelia Earhart

Amelia Earhart, the first female pilot and American writer, disappeared in 1937 while attempting to fly around the world. The mystery of her disappearance has not yet been solved. Her plane landed on one of the Pacific islands, but the US Navy, without conducting an investigation, considered it a hoax. There are versions that she could have been captured by the Japanese, and also that she survived for several months on a desert island.

10. Directed by Daniel Lind Lagerlöf

Swedish director Daniel Lind Lagerlöf was scouting the area around Tanumschede (Sweden) in October 2011 to film his next film. There he disappeared without a trace. It is believed that strong waves in the Thurpannan Nature Reserve knocked him down. Although there are no witnesses, the director is considered dead.

11. Writer Dorothy Arnold

In 1910, Dorothy Arnold, a 25-year-old American aspiring writer and socialite, was reported missing. She went to buy an evening dress and disappeared. The girl's family hired private investigators to investigate, but she was never found. Various versions have emerged, including suicide or a botched abortion.

12. Actress Jean Spangler

In 1949, American actress Jean Spangler disappeared without a trace, causing widespread public outcry. On the night of her disappearance, she was planning to meet with her ex-husband and discuss alimony payments, as well as go to filming. Later, her purse was found in the park, and inside was a note where she wrote that she wanted to have an abortion. There are versions that she could have been killed by her ex-husband, or she died after a failed abortion - but Spangler is still listed as missing.

13. Musician Jim Sullivan

In the 60s and 70s, Jim Sullivan, an American folk rocker, disappeared without a trace in New Mexico - a few days before his concert. Police found his car abandoned on the street and his belongings at the motel. Jim himself was never found, but according to his close friends, “he would never have left his guitar of his own free will.”

14. Canadian musician Scott Smith

In the early 80s, the founder of the Canadian rock band Loverboy, Scott Smith, disappeared. The guy mysteriously disappeared at sea on November 30, 2000. It is believed that he disappeared from the deck of the yacht he was sailing on, not far from the shore. He was presumed dead, but no evidence was found.

15. Boxer Jim Robinson

American boxer Jim Robinson is famous for fighting Muhammad Ali in Miami Beach on February 7, 1961 as a last-minute replacement for Willie Gullatt. In 1979, Robinson was interviewed for the last time, after which he literally disappeared. His whereabouts were unknown to anyone. In 2009, ESPN sports journalist Wright Thompson wrote an article about his six-year unsuccessful attempt to find him.

16. Jimmy Hoffa

Jimmy Hoffa, an American labor leader, suddenly disappeared in 1975 under mysterious circumstances. This happened after he planned a meeting with Detroit gangsters. Before disappearing, he called his wife from a payphone and said that he had been “dumped.” There are suggestions that Hoffa had something to do with organized crime.

17. Shad Gaspard

In May 2020, former wrestler and actor Shad Gaspard disappeared off the coast of California. He was relaxing on the shore with his wife and son, and while swimming he was carried away by a rip current. He managed to save his wife and child, andI disappeared myself. Only a few days later, rescuers found his body on one of the city beaches.

18. The Disappearance of Azariah Chamberlain

The disappearance of Azaria Chamberlain is the most famous missing person case in Australian history. Little Azaria, aged nine weeks, disappeared near the cliffs of Uluru while walking with her parents. The girl's mother, Linda Chamberlain, claimed that her child was killed by a dingo dog. Linda Chamberlain was initially accused of killing her daughter and arrested, but evidence, including the girl's clothes found near a campsite three years later, supported the parents' story. Linda Chamberlain was later released from prison.

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