Scientists have said that lying down is healthier than sitting

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23 November 2023

Researchers ranked the movements and postures we commonly do every day in order of their benefits for the heart.

A paradoxical discovery: lying down is healthier than sitting.

This conclusion was reached by epidemiologists from University College London in a recent so-called cross-sectional meta-study. They were looking for "everything good" for the cardiovascular system. As a result of the work, a rating “from useful to harmful” was compiled. Here are the main conclusions: lying down and sleeping is healthier than sitting down and sitting (especially in front of the TV). Standing is healthier than sleeping, and walking is healthier than standing.

The easiest way to reduce the harm from a sedentary lifestyle: get up from your chair (armchair, sofa) and walk back and forth for 5 minutes. And so on every half hour. This is a recommendation from scientists at Columbia University. They conducted an experiment and found that a 5-minute walk every half hour reduced blood pressure by 4-5 points, and the jump in sugar after eating was almost 60% less.

Now we come to work only like this:

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