12-year-old girl received 25 thousand dollars for her invention (5 photos)

20 November 2023

12-year-old Indian-American Shanya Gill recently received $25,000 for her innovative invention. The girl created a fire detection system that works faster than a regular smoke detector.

12-year-old Shanya Gill from the United States has created an innovative invention that could save lives. When a restaurant near her home burned down as a result of a fire, the girl wondered how the fire could have been prevented. This tragedy prompted Shanya to develop a fire detection system. As a result, the girl’s invention brought her first place in a national science competition. It turned out that her system works more efficiently than standard smoke detectors.

Shanya used two key components to create the system: a thermal imaging camera and a Raspberry Pi computer. She coded the computer using Python and had a thermal imaging camera transmit images to a Raspberry Pi for analysis. The device detects a fire and transmits information to the home owner’s mobile phone. After testing, her invention showed 97% accuracy in detecting heat sources.

Shanya won first place in the JIC Young Innovator Competition organized by the Society of Science. She overtook 65 thousand other talented talents. The girl also received $25,000, which she plans to spend on bringing her detectors to the market, as well as helping those affected by the fires.

“I will definitely invest a little in charities that help people affected by fires. This is my goal: for the invention to reach as many people as possible and also save as many lives as possible,” says the girl.

Other inventions that have won awards include a cancer detection smartphone app developed by Keshwi Sehda; a device that generates electricity from two separate objects, created by Adyanth Bhavsar; and eco-friendly fabric for reusable pads created by Elizabeth Olvera.

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20 November 2023 20:45
Ну, тут браво!

Найдешевша тепловізійна камера для raspberry - 2700грн
Пк raspberry - 4500грн
Посередній димоаналізатор - 140грн.
Бачу, її винахід матиме велику популярність. laughing
Винахід інноваційний та унікальний. Ще років 15 тому встановлював пожежну сигналізацію на основі тепловізорів на лакофарбовому виробництві. laughing
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