The most dangerous bird in the world was spotted in Australia. She came out of the ocean (5 photos)

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20 November 2023

As beachgoers at Bingil Bay on Australia's east coast were relaxing on the sand the other day, they were shocked by the appearance of an ominous, dark figure. At first everyone thought it was the fin of a large shark or a huge turtle, but the reality turned out to be more interesting and scary.

Looking more and more carefully at what was happening, the vacationers saw a cassowary emerge from the depths of the ocean and shake itself off. And he, for a moment, has held the title of the most dangerous bird in the world since 2004.

Cassowaries are known for their prehistoric appearance, gigantic stature, strong legs and clawed feet that can cause serious injury. In addition, according to the Queensland Department of Environment and Science website, the southern cassowary is endangered, which makes the cassowary's release to humans even more intriguing.

These flightless birds are usually quite wary of people and are unlikely to attack unless provoked. Cassowaries can swim, but do so infrequently. They usually enter the water to cross from one side of the river to the other, or if they feel threatened by domestic dogs or another cassowary with whom they have a territorial dispute.

No one can say what exactly caused this particular individual’s water journey. And he disappeared as mysteriously as he had appeared. The owner of a campsite in Bingil Bay was asked to follow the bird, but as soon as she turned away to make coffee, the cassowary disappeared.

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