The Moldovan President's dog bit the Austrian head of state

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18 November 2023
The Austrian leader was on a working visit to Chisinau and was supposed to meet and negotiate with politicians of the Moldovan state. When a man was walking in the courtyard of the administration with the President of Moldova, he tried to pet the dog, but it bit the guest on the hand.

Moldovan President Maia Sandu's dog, Codrutz, bit Austrian President Alexander Van der Bellen when he tried to pet her. The incident occurred after a meeting of the two leaders in Chisinau, at that moment they were walking in the courtyard of the administration building of the Moldovan president.

“The dog Codruc was taken into custody after she was hit by a car. When the President of Austria tried to pet her, she bit his hand,” the TV channel clarifies. Subsequently, Van der Bellen met with the Chairman of the Moldovan Parliament, Igor Grosu, and a plaster was noticed on his hand.

The Austrian leader came to Chisinau on a working visit: to hold negotiations and participate in a business forum, which was organized by the chambers of commerce and industry of both countries.
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