Jealous but very cute cats (21 photos)

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15 November 2023

Cats are owners by nature. They are capable of being jealous of the owner for anything, from other family members to the telephone. Not to mention other pets, if available.

It looks very touching and touching, and in some cases even frightening. You never know what idea of revenge will come to the furry's head?

1. This useless piece of plastic has replaced the beautiful me.

2. Oh, Murka, how could you?

3. This third wheel...

4. Did you pet your neighbor's cat? What if I find out?

5. You don’t have to bother yourself with explanations.

6. Come any closer and I'll tear you apart

7. Do you want to say, Vasily, this bald woman rushed to hug you?

8. My world will never be the same again...

9. It could have been me in his place

10. How unfair the world is...

11. The mistress loves only me, okay?

12. But we had such a good time together...

13. Cruel prose of life

14. Well, take your tongue away from him, you slobbering dog!

15. I love him, but as soon as I remember how I made eyes at my neighbor, I want to strangle him

16. The dog is only for striped ones, okay?

17. Jealousy bites

18. Are you sure you love me more than that guy?

19. It seems like he’s been here forever...

20. Suffocating love

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