30 talkative cats who definitely have something to say (31 photos)

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1 November 2023

As long as cats continue to flood the Internet, there will never be an end to funny photos of them! Some cats are emotional companions, and they will not be silent about their emotions. They love to meow, fuss, loudly ask for food, or communicate something they don’t like. There is a whole community on the Reddit forum where owners post funny footage of their meowing cats. Let's take a look at the most hilarious ones!

1. "Stop working!"

2. “This is how our cat tells us that someone is near the house.”

3. Prayers to the cat God

4. “And our plump cat even asks to eat while lying down”

5. “My cat is yelling because I walked past her and didn’t scratch her tummy.”

6. “Our cat likes to hide in the bushes, and when he is found, he gets angry.”

7. “What took you so long, two-legged?”

8. “The stray cat I feed seems to be demanding to be allowed inside.”

9. B - disturbance

10. “Stop taking pictures of me!”

11. “I can’t just sit down and eat cheese.”

12. “My cat always hisses at me through the window when I go out into the yard of the house.”

13. Security system

14. “Our cat is angry because he doesn’t get breakfast.”

15. So that everyone can hear!

16. The cat says what he thinks about the carrier

17. “Our cat doesn’t like it when we take a bath.”

18. Meow is worth a thousand words

19. "He's not thrilled about a bath after living in a sewer for 5 days."

20. "Give me some food, finally!"

21. Another food beggar

22. The queen of the laundry pile doesn’t let anyone near her property.

23. The cat's story about what he thinks about going to the veterinarian

24. “My cat always comes to yell and remind me that it’s dinner time.”

25. “The cat criticized me as if I made it rain!”

26. “And mine started to get indignant when I got ready for work earlier than usual.”

27. "Our cat greets her human servants"

28. “Are we going home soon?”

29. “I found a cat on the kitchen stove. He says that he is not guilty of anything.”

30. "Our cat's reaction to the fact that the walk is over"

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