Rare Nissan Skyline GT-R R34 Tommykaira could not find a new owner (30 photos)

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1 November 2023

A rare 2001 Nissan Skyline GT-R R34 has been put up for sale at Collecting Cars Auction. A total of 11 copies of the sports car with the RZ index from the famous Japanese studio Tommykaira were produced. They offered 380,000 Australian dollars for the car, but for some reason the deal did not take place and the car was not sold.

In agreement with Nissan, the studio sold the modernized Skyline GT-R under its own brand. Tommykaira offered three modifications to the GT-R R34: 370, 420 and 530 hp. With. The most powerful is also considered the rarest; the seller claims that his coupe is the only one in the world available for purchase.

In addition to the deeply modernized engine, the RZ features upgraded brakes with proprietary 6-piston Tommykaira calipers, 19-inch Volk Racing wheels and an original body kit. It includes alternative bumpers, a radiator grille, various trims and a diffuser, as well as an impressive wing. The tuners did not interfere with the suspension, deeming the standard settings sufficient. The fact is that the Tommykaira RZ is based on the already modified Skyline GT-R V-Spec II.

The interior has been modified to a point: Recaro chairs are decorated with themed embroideries, a new dashboard and Momo steering wheel have been installed, and the gearshift knob has been replaced. In addition, the salon is equipped with a Pioneer Carrozzeria media system.

An additional advantage of the lot, in addition to its rarity, is its relatively low mileage - 46 thousand kilometers. The GT-R is said to be in excellent technical condition. The only voiced drawback of the car is light scratches and chips on the body parts.

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