A road junction in China that looks like a roller coaster (3 photos + 1 video)

20 October 2023

A road that could easily be mistaken for an attraction.

So, are you ready for a roller coaster ride in real life? The new road junction in China really looks like a crazy ride. The fact is that it is laid from the mountain, and all the roads are at different levels in height. Thus, the highest track is located at a height of 37 meters above the ground, so the resemblance to a roller coaster suggests itself.

The complexity of this overpass can easily be explained by the terrain where it is located: it was built in the mountainous province of Guizhou. Qianchun Interchange consists of eighteen roads in 8 directions. The project was so difficult that work on it began in 2009, and was completed only 13 years later.

The Chinese have already called this highway a motorists' nightmare. But most of all network users are interested in the question of whether the GPS system will work on such a road. However, the authors of the project claim that they have thought through everything and there should be no confusion. There are signs everywhere at the junction, and even if the driver makes a mistake and turns the wrong way, he will always have several opportunities to turn around.

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