What the highest railway station in Europe looks like (7 photos + 1 video)

6 April 2023

At an altitude of about 3500 meters in the Alps is Jungfraujoch - the highest railway station in Europe. station, which also called the "miracle of engineering", has been in the mountains for more than a century. Work on its project began at the end of the 19th century.

Jungfrau railway project unlike any other the other, began to cook at the end of the XIX century. The road goes through the Bernese Alps to the very station of Jungfraujoch, or "Top of Europe". unique the station was erected on a rock between the mountains Jungfrau and Mönch, whose height exceeds 4 thousand meters. Today the station is considered the highest in Europe and is one of the most popular tourist sights of Switzerland.

On the rock where the station is now, back in 1862 first climbed by a group of Anglo-Swiss climbers. Only later for several decades the Swiss entrepreneur Adolf Geier-Zeller offered to build a railway here. No one has suggested before. similar projects in these places, but in the end the authorities allowed to build road. Over the next 16 years, hundreds of workers worked here, blowing up tunnels with dynamite and drilling through rock. During construction about 30 people died.

Initially, the construction of the Jungfrau seemed to many impossible, but in 1912 the road was successfully opened - and since then it has operates all year round. The road starts at the Kleine-Scheidegg mountain pass at an altitude of 2060 meters, and then rises for about 9.3 kilometers. The ride starts under the open sky and then the train goes through a long tunnel. Panoramic windows are installed on some sections of the tunnel, where you can enjoy beautiful views.

The mountain railway ride is impressive, but the station The Jungfraujoch is undoubtedly the highlight of the whole trip. High weather 3454 meters is unpredictable and can change at any moment. If lucky and it will be a sunny day, from the observation deck you can see about 200 peaks - an amazing sight!

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