Adobe presented an interactive dress made from textile displays that can change color and pattern

14 October 2023

The American company Adobe presented a number of new inventions at different stages of work at the Adobe Max conference. Among the products was a dress that can change color and pattern thanks to tiny displays.

The project is called Project Primrose. Its goal is to “blur the boundaries between technology and fashion, unlock the potential of flexible textile displays and transform clothing into canvases for creativity,” according to a press release. At the Adobe Max conference, the presenter went on stage and showed off a dress that changes after pressing a button or while moving. The dress changes without transition or delay, as if by magic.

More than 20 color and pattern variations available. Some options are static, others, on the contrary, move. The dress is currently available in two colors: white and silver (referring to the back).

Adobe did not talk about the commercial prospects of the new product. It is unknown whether these dresses will be available for sale to a mass audience. But we already know that it is possible. The rest is a matter of time!

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