A fan of Counter-Strike received a gift from the head of the studio Valve for a letter of gratitude (6 photos)

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1 September 2023

CEO of Valve (Half-Life series, Portal, Team Fortress and more) Gabe Newell has a habit of replying fans to the letters that they send him by e-mail. This does not always happen, but the hero of this post was lucky.

Valve CEO Gabe Newell

Valve CEO Gabe Newell is known for from time to time answers letters that come to his personal email [email protected]. Reddit user wutang_72 said that not so long ago he also decided to write to the head of the company, just to express my gratitude for the creation of CS:GO.

I heard that he answers emails, so I sent him a huge letter. In it, I thanked him, the whole company and staff for creating an amazing game that I play for nine years, and which has allowed me to make many friends and get a lot of memories.

I also sent him a video from my YouTube channel. He replied that he liked the video. He also wrote that he looked more a few of them by sending me links to them. He also sent a copy letters to CS:GO development manager Ido Magal, after which they are together asked me to share my impressions of Counter-Strike 2.

According to wutang_72, during the conversation, Newell and Magal upset that we couldn't give a CS:GO fan a tour of studios, so they promised to send the player "something special". Later for a while, the youtuber received as a gift pants with the CS:GO logo, a rug for a mouse signed by the developers and a message from the creators online shooter. It is worth noting that wutang_72 has a rather small YouTube channel with less than 500 subscribers.

Sometimes Gabe Newell also responds to joke letters from fans. So, in the summer of 2022, the head of Valve appreciated the photo of a cat, which was mailed to him.

The author asked the head of Valve to evaluate his cat according to on a scale of 1 to 10. Newell responded to the letter by calling the pet "cute." According to a satisfied user, he is now the owner of the world's first cat, which was officially "certified" personally by Gabe Newell.

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