The dog constantly comes to the road hatch and stares into it all day (3 photos)

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10 August 2023

A riddle that the whole city is trying to solve.

Every animal behaves strangely from time to time. However, sometimes dogs amaze not only the owners, but the whole city. That's what happened with a dog named Mazgal from the Turkish city of Izmat.

Mazgal became a local celebrity because of his strange behavior. And no, this homeless dog does not rush through the streets, does not caress passers-by and does not even beg for a treat. He just sits in the same same place and observes. The subject of his observations is a gutter right on road. Luke is so interested in the dog that this tailed guy is sitting always by his side all day long. He even got his nickname thanks to to his occupation: mazgal is translated from Turkish as “drain, drain”.

The dog sits near the grate, where the water goes after the rain, every day, and thousands of people pass by every day. While on the street a huge number of storm drains, but Mazgal invariably sits at one and the same same. His constancy interested not only local residents, but also the media. Once, rescuers even came to the sewer, who opened Luke.

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