A street cat from Poland has become a local "landmark" (6 photos + 1 video)

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18 February 2023

A fat cat named Gacek is the star of the Polish city of Szczecin. Within a couple of years, this cat has become a local celebrity and a tourist attraction. "attraction". It even has 2600 reviews!

A plump cat named Gacek lives on the streets Polish city of Szczecin. Not so long ago, the cat unexpectedly became star and everyone's favorite - tourists even come to him, and he considered one of the "attractions" of the town. Your glory as a cat received back in 2020, and since then he has made everyone fall in love with him.

According to the stories of some local residents, Gacek appeared on streets of the city 10 years ago. Many began to feed the cute cat, and soon he expectedly gained weight. You can even find it on google laudatory reviews of residents and tourists about Gacek - there are more than 2600 of them. Kitty also filmed news stories.

Gacek lives in his small house with a roof, which for made by the locals. A sign was also hung over his house about that Gacek should not be disturbed when he is sleeping, and next to him you can leave treats. Although he has no owners, many people take care of him on permanent basis. Take a look at this "king of the streets":

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