A sick cat came to the door of the family, hoping that he would be helped (13 photos)

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10 August 2023

Sometimes animals come to people themselves - for example, when desperately need help and can't do anything on their own. Cat by nicknamed Mittens also came to the threshold of one family. Dirty, sick and the lame poor fellow hoped to be helped.

Recently, a family from the United States saw a homeless man at their door cat. A dirty, lame cat, completely covered with fleas, was sitting by a transparent window. door and looked sadly at domestic cats that live in warmth and comfort. This modest poor man with big eyes immediately captivated the owners of the house. They started leaving cat food outside for him, and his visits have become more frequent.

Then the family decided that they could not leave the cat on the street. They noticed that the poor man was limping, and having gained his confidence, they decided take him to the vet. Doctors determined that his injuries were obtained from an air pistol. The poor man suffered from cruelty people, and he had a long road to recovery - both physical and moral. But now next to him were caring people who did not thought to leave it.

After treatment, the same family took him to their home and gave Nickname Mittens. They no longer wanted to part with fluffy, and accepted him as a new member of the family. At first, Mittens was afraid of everything - on the first day he hid behind the toilet and warily watched everyone, not allowing even touch yourself. Gradually, he began to relax, revealing his curious nature. He met other cats in the family, and soon the first achievement happened - Mittens allowed himself to be stroked.

Over time, the cat learned to play with toys, he developed a good appetite, and he understood what it was like to be loved. Mittens was very grateful to his owners for saving him, and was no longer shy show your love every day. Now he is living a better life: he is surrounded by care, every day he plays with cat brothers and sisters, and The days of loneliness are long gone. Thanks for the rescue!

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