Don't be especially afraid: there will be a light cat bite (21 photos)

Category: Animals, PEGI 0+
31 July 2023

If someone has teeth, and even sharp and snow-white, then definitely worth using them not only for their intended purpose, but also for the manufacture of pieces - preventive, protective, loving and simply bite for no reason.

The seals turned kusi into a whole direction, because both the idea and realization worthy of the highest award in the field of theatrical art.

1. Into the very pulp

2. In a fit of tenderness

3. Aesthetics bite

4. Test pen

5. Kotito vampirito

6. You won't leave!

7. Prevention

8. We lightly bite and start to be friends again

9. Thinking...

10. Plush Expression

11. Now this is my hobby

12. I'm a little lazy, but I do bite

13. Art creation

14. And we can't get away from it

15. When you don't want to, but you have to

16. They came together - a wave and a stone

17. Game for two

18. And this is just the beginning

19. I am darkness, I am darkness, my face is terrible!

20. Count Kusyakula

Do your cats bite or do they do without bites?

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