A selection of the most amazing bridges from around the world (17 photos)

The bridge is one of the most spectacular and impressive views architecture. We invite you to travel around the world and see these amazing buildings. So welcome to the post! Will Interesting.

Clifton Bridge, Bristol, UK

Forth Bridge, Scotland

Yongle Bridge over the Haihe River in Tianjin, China

The bridge is unique in that it has a Ferris wheel. "Tianjin Eye". The wheel itself, in turn, is unique in that installed on the bridge.

Royal Gorge Bridge Park, Colorado, USA

Dipangkorn Rasmiyoti Bridge, Bangkok, Thailand

Manhattan Bridge in New York close up

Ecoduct in the Netherlands

The Beautiful Bridge High Thrust Trail in Iowa, USA

Williamsburg Bridge, New York

Oberbaumbrücke Bridge, Berlin

Mohammed VI Bridge, Rabat, Morocco

The longest cable-stayed bridge in Africa.

Dragon Bridge, Da Nang, Vietnam

Bastei Bridge, Germany

Built in 1851.

Yongji Bridge, a wooden footbridge in Chenyang, China

Railway bridge over Chenab river, India

The bridge crosses the Chenab River at 359 meters, making it the highest railway bridge in the world.

Ruyi Bridge - Pedestrian Bridge in China

Friedrich Bayer Water Lily Bridge, Sao Paulo, Brazil

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